18 Jan 1905 1
10 Dec 2003 1

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Full Name:
Blanche Devey Bennett 2
Full Name:
Blanche D Bennett 1
18 Jan 1905 1
10 Dec 2003 1
Burial Date: 13 Dec 2003 3
Burial Place: Alpine City Cemetery, Alpine, Utah 2
Last Residence: Alpine, UT 1
Social Security:
Card Issued: Unknown Code (PE) 1
Social Security Number: ***-**-8654 1

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Blanche Devey Bennett Life History

Alpine, Utah

Blanche Lafern Devey the sixth child of Alfred and Sarah Elizabeth Marsh Devey was born 18 Jan 1905 in Alpine, Utah in a rock and adobe house on second east, between first and second north on the west side of the street. When she was about 6 oir 7 years old her father tore down the old house and used the adobes to line the walls of a new brick home on the north corner. She herded cows, weeded, helped plant and pick up potatoes as well as learn to keep house and sew. She loved to ride horses and embroidery and crochet.

She graduated from the eights grade in Alpine and from high school in American Fork. After graduation she worked for three and one half years in her uncle's store, previously owned by her grandfather, Albert Marsh. While working, Dewey often came after work and took her home or on a date. New Years Day 1926 they became engaged and 1 Jan 1928 she quit working in the store and they were married 18 Jan 1928 in Salt Lake in the City and County building. He parents were witnesses of the marriage. They stayed in Salt Lake until the next night and then came to the home they had beautifully furnished on first south and main. Her mother and father were there with a nice warm fire going so the water wouldn't freeze. It was really cold.

On Saturday, 21 Jan a wedding reception was held in the Gymnasium on the hill by the old school house. On 15 Nov 1928 their first child was born in their home. A few days later Dewey's father was taken to the American Fork Hospital and operated on for a hernia and when he was able to go home was taken to their home and stayed until his death in 18 Feb 1944.

From an early age Blanche had been active in the church but Dewey and his father were not members. Dewey had smoked for many years and this was the main thing that kept him from joining the church. After they were married he tied many times to quit but didn't make it. After they had beenmarried 17 years Blanche felt so badly because he hadn't quit smoking and joined the church, she began praying desperately that the lord would help him. She told the Lord if he would only help Dewey she was willing to sacrifice anything.

She prayed and prayed this way all that summer and that fall our seventh and youngest child, Brent, got run over. The men werew hauling potatoes and putting them in the cellar and Brent got back of the cat and was run over as they backed up. They rushed him to the hospital but he died about a half hour after arriving there. As Blanche sat by him she knew this was the sacrifice the Lord was taking. She felt so badly she couldn't quit crying. This was in the evening and the Bishop came over the next day and wanted to have his funeral on Sunday and she just didn't want to have him buried on his fourth birthay.

After some time she remembered telling herself that everyone wanted it on Sunday so she should look at it how our church teaches it, it would be like letting him go on a long beautiful trip and what little boy wouldn't like that. After praying about it, a different feeling came over her and she didn't care any more. As he was being buried on Sunday she wouldn't leave the cemetery until the grave was covered, because she wanted to be there when he left. The next morning She had the most wonderful feeling, when Dewey woke up she told him that she didn't see how anyone could feel so bad and yet so glorious. She knew that the LORD was going to help them.

Soon after this Blanche had the feeling that she had to right the mistakes she had made if she wanted the LORD to help Dewey. She had made a lot of mistakes, so she started by going to her father and others she had not been quite honest with. It wasn't easy , but she wanted Dewey to join the church more than she wanted to live.

After this she had many promptings and feelings that she followed and the LORD gave her a desire to read the scriptures and some mornings she got up early to read and she would open one of our church books, there would be the very thing that she needed to help her. She had many wonderful experiences that strengthened her testimony and helped Dewey.

Brent was buried 14 Oct 1945 and through the fasting and prayers of Dewey's family and self, he was able to quit smoking and was baptized 14 Feb 1946. He was ordained a priest in March and in August baptized his daughter Janice, and two other boys. On 13 Oct 1946 he was ordained an elder and 13 Nov 1946, he took his family to the Salt Lake Temple where they were sealed for all eternity.

Blanche Bennett Obituary

Alpine, Utah

Blanche Lefern Devey Bennett Obituary
Alpine: Blanche Lafern Devey Bennett quietly passed away at home, Dec. 10, 2003 surrounded by her family. She was born in Alpine, Utah, Jan. 18, 1905 to Alfred John and Elizabeth Marsh Devey.

She married Dewey Logie Bennett Jan. 18, 1928 they were the parents of nine children.

She was a dedicated temple worker and scout leader.

She is survived by Lola Hutchison, Luella (Carl) Day, Sherman (Marlene) Bennett, Marlow (Elizabeth) Bennett, Philip (MaryLee) Bennett, Janice (Monte) Palmer, Brenda (Royce) Jorgensen, Marilyn (Gary) Chadwick; 49 grandchildren, 125 great grandchildren and 14 great great grandchildren. Preceded in death by son Brent and husband Dewey.
Funeral Services will be held Sat. Dec. 13th at 11:00 a.m. at the Mountianville Chapel 100 E. 150 No. Alpine. Where friends may call Friday evening from 6-8 p.m. and Saturday from 9:30 to 11 a.m. Interment Alpine Cemetery. Funeral Directors Broomhead Funeral Home. 

In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to your ward missionary fund.

Published in the Daily Herald on 12/11/2003.

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