Conflict Period:
Revolutionary War 1
1725 1
Bolton, Worcester, Massachusetts 1
before 1800 1
Worcester, Massachusetts 1

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Full Name:
Benjamin Marble 1
1725 1
Bolton, Worcester, Massachusetts 1
before 1800 1
Worcester, Massachusetts 1

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Benjamin Marble (1725 – 1800) of Bolton, Worcester County, Massachusetts

Bolton, Worcester, Massachusetts

Benjamin Marble was born in 1725 in Stow, Middlesex County, Massachusetts to Joseph Marble and Hannah Keyes. On 19 February 1742, Benjamin Marble of Lancaster, a minor (age 17), chose James Keys (Benjamin’s maternal Grandfather) of Bolton as his guardian. Benjamin stated that he was the son of Joseph MARBLE, late of Lancaster. James Keys filed a guardian bond on the same day, with Caleb Wilder and David Wilder of Lancaster as sureties. Jonathan Houghton and Abel Wilder witnessed the bond. From this record, Benjamin MARBLE's birth date can be calculated to 1725, and his father is definitely identified as Joseph MARBLE." The guardian records can be found in the probate records; volume 102, p. 77. FHL Film #859338 and volume 199, p. 269. FHL Film #860636.

Four years later, James Keyes passes away on 25 September 1746 in Bolton, Worcester County, Massachusetts. Benjamin Marble’s maternal ancestry through the surnames of Keyes, Divoll, and White include ancestors held captive and killed by Indians. Also two great grandfathers fought in King Philip’s War. So most probable, as a boy, Benjamin heard stories from his father about the Salem Witch Trials and stories from his mother about Indian raids.


Like the lead character in the movie, “The Patriot”, portrayed by Mel Gibson, Benjamin Marble, a father of a large family, participates in some military campaigns of the French and Indian War. Then duty to country calls upon him again on 19 Apr 1775, (age 50), the father of eleven children, marches within Colonel John Whitcomb's Regiment, Massachusetts Militia to Cambridge, Massachusetts, during the Lexington Alarm, the first battle of the American Revolution.


A resident of Bolton, Massachusetts, Benjamin Marble’s (or Marbel) Military Service is documented within the book, “The Military Annals of Lancaster, Massachusetts, 1740 – 1865” by Henry Stedman Nourse on the following pages: 27, 36, 71, 75, and 115.

A Free E- book at Google.Com; (A case sensitive link).

Also, Marbel, Benjamin, Bolton. Private is listed in Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the Revolutionary War, Volume 10, on page 209.


Pg. 26 - 27

During King George's War (1744 – 1748, the third war of the four French and Indian Wars), on 23 July 1748, Benjamin Marble (age 23) appears on a muster roll of a number of men that were sent “Into the Woods”, (to deal with Indian raids), under Command of Captain Jonathan Whitney, these men were of Bolton and Harvard, Massachusetts.


(The following year, on 5 October 1749, Benjamin Marble marries Martha Goss in Bolton, Worcester County, Massachusetts. Between the year 1750 and 1771, Benjamin and Martha (Goss) Marble had eleven children; all the children were born in Bolton, Worcester County, Massachusetts. )


Pg. 36

During the Crown Point Expedition of 1755, of the French and Indian War, in March 1755, Corporal Benjamin Marble (age 30) appears on the muster roll of Captain Joseph Whitcomb's Company. Whitcomb’s Company is one of three companies of a regiment commanded by Colonel Timothy Ruggles, the regiment suffered severely in the battle of Lake George, September 8, 1755.

Pg. 71

During the Conquest of Canada (1758 – 1763), the fourth war of the four French and Indian Wars, in The Quebec Campaign 1759, (Battle of Quebec), Benjamin Marble Age 32 (born 1723) listed amongst Bolton Men who enlisted in March and April and are serving within Colonel Oliver Wilder Esquire's Regiment.

Pg. 75

During the Conquest of Canada (1758 – 1763, the fourth war of the four French and Indian Wars, in 1759, Benjamin Marble (age 34) is one of 16 “men from Bolton” in Captains Aaron Willard Company of Lancaster men, under Colonel Timothy Ruggle’s Regiment.


Pg. 115

During the War for National Independence, during the Lexington Alarm, the first battle of the American Revolution, on 19 Apr 1775, Private Benjamin Marble (age 50) within Capt. Benjamin Hastings’s Company, Col. John Whitcomb’s Regiment, of three companies from Bolton (including Berlin district) marched to Cambridge at the Lexington Alarm; a total of one hundred and twenty-seven men.



Captain Benjamin Hastings (1720 – 1808) is buried at Old South Burying Ground, Bolton, Worcester County, Massachusetts.

Source: FindAGrave.Com Memorial # 33646281



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