Conflict Period:
Civil War (Union) 1
Army 1

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Personal Details

Full Name:
Lycurgus D Lusk 1

Civil War (Union) 1

Army 1
H 1
Discharge Rank:
Capt 1
Enlistment Rank:
1 Lt 1
Military Unit:
22nd Cavalry 1
New York 1

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  1. Civil War Service Index - Union - New York [See image]


Service Record-Lycurgus D. Lusk (1861-1865)

From: Registers and Sketches of Organizations; page 1931:  "Seventeenth Regiment of Infantry (Westchester Chasseurs). LUSK, LYCURGUS D., at age 25 years; enrolled May 10, 1861 at Newark to serve two years; mustered in as First Sergeant, Company I, May 22, 1861' as Second Lieutenant, Company D, August 30, 1862; transferred to Company I, January 1, 1863' , mustered out with company, June 2, 1863 at New York city; subsequent service in 22nd Cavalry; commissioned Second Lieutenant, October 22, 1862, with rank from August 30, 1862, vice I.D. Smith, promoted."  From page 1075 re: 22nd Regiment of Cavalry (Rochester Cavalry):  "...late Second Lieutenant, 17th Infantry; mustered in as First Lieutenant, Company H, this regiment, February 6, 1864; as Captain, July 27, 1864; mustered out with company, August 1, 1865 at Westchester, Virginia; Major, U.S. Volunteers, by brevet, from March 13, 1865; commissioned First Lieutenant, March 30, 1864, with rank from January 29, 1864, original: Captain, August 12, 1864. with rank from July 26, 1864, vice Van Marter, dismissed."

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