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Melvin's Family

Harmans, MD

This is my father. To his friends he was known as Cal. He married 3 times. Josephine Larch was his starter wife. They didnt bear any children. Secondly he married Hazel Prietz who already had a daughter, Dottie Moore. This is where I came in and one brother and another sister. Dad lastly married, Edith Mauk who had 4 daughters from a previous marriage. Dad and Edie had one son.

Dad was an electrician by trade and was part of the IBEW of DC. In his last years, when we went through DC, he would point to the many buildings that he wired.

In 1966 Dad and Mom divorced but he raised the three children. This didnt happen often back then.

My Dad died 28 Feb 1975, too soon.

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