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Illinois Civil War Report



Illinois Civil War Detail Report


Name ASHTON, WILLIAM J Rank CPL Company H Unit 103 IL US INF


Personal Characteristics Residence LEWISTOWN, FULTON CO, IL Age 33 Height 5' 6 Hair LIGHT Eyes GREY Complexion DARK Marital Status MARRIED Occupation CARPENTER Nativity PERRY, BROWN CO, OH


Service Record Joined When AUG 12, 1862 Joined Where LEWISTOWN, IL Joined By Whom J J HALE Period 3 YRS Muster In OCT 2, 1862 Muster In Where PEORIA, IL Muster In By Whom   Muster Out   Muster Out Where   Muster Out By Whom   Remarks KILED JUN 15, 1864 AT KENESAW GA Return to Search

Corp William J Ashton

Ashton, William  12 Aug 1862  Enlisted as Private on 12 Aug 1862. 

Enlisted in Company H, 103


 Infantry Regiment 

Illinois on 2 Oct 1862. 

Killed, same unit, on 15 June 1864 at  

Kennesaw Mountain, GA

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