In charge of the Field Orderly Room.

04 Sep 1926 1
Pecos, Texas 1
21 Jul 1997 1
Seminole, Texas 1

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Personal Details

Full Name:
Robert Barron Lewis 1
Also known as:
Bob 1
04 Sep 1926 1
Pecos, Texas 1
Male 1
21 Jul 1997 1
Seminole, Texas 1
Burial Place: Gaines County Memorial Cemetery, Seagraves Hwy. Seminole, TX 2
Mother: Kate Taylor Grissom 1
Father: Robert Houston Lewis 1
Helen Sellers 1
Wynema Gene (Jean) Milburn 1
25 Feb 1978 1
Panola, Texas 1
Carlsbad, Eddy, New Mexico 1
Spouse Death Date: 04 Apr 1976 1
Employer: First Presbyterian Church 1
Position: Pastor 1
Place: Seminole, Texas 1
Start Date: 1974 1
End Date: 1991 1
The Bob Lewis Mission:
31 Dec 1969 3
Obituary: 1

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Master Sgt Robert Barron Lewis US Army


7th Cavalry Patch


Master Sergeant Robert (Bob) Barron Lewis US Army Korea was with the 7th Cavalry Regiment, 3rd Reconnaisance Troop at Fort Lewis, Washingtion. Promoted to 1st Sergeant he had to advance with his company orderly room behind the front line. Many times when the enemy broke through he had to retreat with typewriter in one hand and rifle in the other. At the same time his younger brother Pvt Jake Lewis 1st Marine Division Infrantry from Camp Pendleton, California. 

Also during the Korean War along with Kathy's husband Ike Boggs AAF, who flew the little L-4 "Grasshopper" reconnaissance plane and cousins John Grissom Divers U.S. Navy and Omer Divers USAF.

Thanksgiving Day



Bob's younger brother Jake Lewis with the 1st Marines Korea. During the war they both experineced heavy action but during a break in the fighting they were able to find each other and spend time together on Thanksgiving Day. I was told it made the news maybe it was published in the local newspaper? 

Fond Memories

Pecos, Texas


During the depression my family moved from California to live with our 4 couins for a short time. We had many fun times together and I learned alot about horses, cows, pigs. chickens and wild life. My Aunt Kate and Uncle Bob were very tolerant with all the six of us living so close.   Shortly afterward we moved to Carlsbad, New Mexico but we still visited them many times. I still can remember my wonderful grandad Robert (Bob) Franklin Grissom (1869-1938). He grew the sweetish cantaloupes on his farm and he was the kindest man. 



UNBELIEVABLE! After Boot Camp Jake was shipped out. I found in my research on Katherine's Uncle Commander James Henry Ard was aboard the USS LSD-17 "Catamount!" Strange indeed that very ship was the one that transported the new Marine's from San Diego to Japan and later for the invasion of Korea. The ship also transported his brother Master Sargent Bob Lewis in the 7th Cavalry Regiment 3rd Reconnaissance Troop from Fort Lewis, Washington. It was the same ship that returned on. Ironic in deed!

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