U. S. Marine Corps Korea 1st Marines 1950 -1954

09 Nov 1928 1
Pecos, Reeves, Texas 1
28 Mar 2010 1
Hospice House in Odessa, Texas 1

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Full Name:
Jake Greene Lewis 1
09 Nov 1928 1
Pecos, Reeves, Texas 1
Male 1
28 Mar 2010 1
Hospice House in Odessa, Texas 1
Burial Place: Monahans Memorial Cemetery Monahans Ward County Texas Find A Grave Memorial # 50436711 2
Mother: Kate Taylor Grissom 1
Father: Robert Houston Lewis 1
Helen Ann Singletary 1
Doris Jean Addington 1
17 Dec 1967 1
Raymondville, Hidalgo, Texas 1
Pecos, Reeves, Texas 1
Employer: Owner 1
Employer: Halliburton 1
Employer: Budweiser Company 1
Position: Operator of Jake's Lounge 1
Position: Supervisor 1
Position: Distributor 1
Place: Monahans, Texas 1
Place: Texas 1
Place: Pecos, Texas 1
Start Date: ~1960 1
Start Date: ~1974 1
Start Date: ~1957 1
End Date: 2010 1
End Date: ~1993 1
End Date: ~1973 1

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Pvt Jake Greene Lewis Korea


1st Marines

He received his basic training at the USMC Training Center in San Diego, California at the same time as his 1st cousin Seaman John Grissom Divers at the U. S. Naval Training Center.

HIs older brother Master Sergeant Robert (Bob) Barron Lewis US Army Korea was with the 7th Cavalry Regiment 3rd Reconnaissance Troop of Fort Lewis, WA. During the war they both experineced heavy action but during a break in the fighting they were able to find each other and spend time together on Thanksgiving Day. I was told it made the news maybe it was published in the local newspaper? 

The brothers Jake and Bob along with Kathy's husband Ike Boggs, who flew the little L-4 spotter planes for the U.S. Army. Cousins Seaman John Grissom Divers US Navy and Sgt Omer Divers USAF.

His mother Kate Grissom Lewis talked to me about some of his experiences in the battle field. After pushing the enemy back again to the 38th parrallel in Korea cousin Jake had time to go bag a few pheasant for Christmas dinner. Little did he know that hearing the gun shots would put the whole base on an high alert. Sometimes you just never know how things are going turn out. While in Korea Jake was the only one of his squad that survived a direct mortar attack while on patrol. He told his mom who was a Christian Science Practitioner that he had never been very religious but with the shells exploding all around him and his face buried in the dirt he begin to pray that if there was a God please help him now. Whether it was luck or fate he lived to tell about it.

My memory of living with my 4 cousins

Pecos, Texas

During the depression my family moved from California to live with our 4 couins for a short time. Gladys, Kathy, Bob, and Jake Lewis. We had many fun times together and I learned alot about horses, cows, pigs. chickens and wild life. My Aunt Kate and Uncle Bob were very tolerant with all the six of us living so close.   Shortly afterward we moved to Carlsbad, New Mexico but we still visited them many times.I still remember my wonderful grandad Robert (Bob) Franklin Grissom (1869-1938). He grew the sweetish cantaloupes on his farm and he was the kindest man.       

The Korean Conflict Connection

San Diego, CA, Bremerton, WA

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When I visited Jake during his Marine Corps Recruit Depot Basic Training. We hadn't seen each other since we were kids in Texas. As he walked slowly to the car towering above everyone around him, I could see that 'Grissom Grin' that my mother had on his handsome face. We only had a few minutes as he set in my car. He was so tall his cap rubbed against the car's headliner. He removed it for a while but had to put it back on when a short little Marine came up to his window and shouted "Put you cap on Marine!" Jake said: "Oh well! that's boot camp!" I told him Seaman John Grissom Divers was at the U.S. Naval Training Center next to him. They could see each other marching along side by side and he said that his DI (Drill Instructor) shouted at his new recruits "If you ever see those 'Swabby's' in town shove'm in the gutter!" John told me thats what they said to us too! "When you ever see any of those 'Jar Heads' in town shove'm into the gutter!" I missed that reverie in the Air Force! I didn't see him again until 50 years later. 


After Boot Camp Jake was shipped out. Katherine's Uncle Commander James Henry Ard in 1950 served aboard the USS LSD-17 (Landing Ship Dock) "Catamount." We talked about his experiences in the Navy that they had transported the new Marine's from the Port at San Diego to Japan and later for the invasion of Korea. He also said they transported the Army from the Port of Bremerton, Washington. Jake's older brother Master Sargent Bob Lewis was in the 7th Cavalry Regiment 3rd Reconnaissance Troop from Fort Lewis, Washington. Possibly the same ship. Ironic in deed!

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