14 Feb 1874 1
Jan 1970 1

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Full Name:
Valentin Castillo 1
14 Feb 1874 1
Jan 1970 1
Last Residence: Laredo, TX 1
Social Security:
Card Issued: Texas 1
Social Security Number: ***-**-0033 1

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Li Pa Henne Bigwater Clan Chief

Corpos Chritsti, Tx

Valentin and Rosa Castillo

My Great granfather Valentin 'Flaco the younger ' Castillo son of Herculano Dionicio 'Flacco' Castillo, took over Chieftain position of the To Tsa Ne (Bigwater) in 1890, His true birth date 1867. He married Rosa daughter of Na Na, father in law of GoyeKlay (Geronimo). Fought in the latter battles along side Geronimo. When the Bigwater were in fear of childrens death they went down to San Luis Potosi, Real De Cuatorce, worked the mines and would travel back and forth on the trains from New Mexico to Texas and down into Peyote Mountain. In the early 1900s, settled in Laredo, Tx after being in Cuero County, Texas in that there was still hate against apache and other Nakai Dineh( Nomadic Navajo) were still being dragged and hung in South Texas. After labelled 'Mexican' Valentin found a life as laborer and farmer. Signing no treaty with the US Gov. The Bigwater are still free to this day. Other family living on Eastern Navajo Nation, Santa Clara Pueblo, Taos Pueblo, Okay Owingeh Pueblo, White Mountain Apache Reservation, To'ohono O'odham, Mescalero Reservation (Lipan), Luiseno Pueblo of California, Puebla, Co; Rosebud Oglala Lakota reservation; Kiowa, Comanche,Apache Res oklahoma , Choctaw Reservation Oklahoma, Cherokee Reservation Oklahoma, Cherokee Reservation North Carolina, Tonkawa Lipan reservation Oklahoma, Creek Nation Oklahoma; San Luis Potosi, MX, VeraCruz, Mx; and Hialeah, Florida.

The Bigwater are the second oldest clan related to the Dineh (Navajo). Originally of Mayan Bloodline called Tso Likai (Whitestar clan), Last held at Pueblo Bonito, Chaco Canyon, 1936 Hopi/Navajo Census. Also, known as Sinagua, Apache de Navajo and Canoncito Dineh. The Bigwater are known to have solid archeological grounding within Pueblo Bonito Chaco Canyon Ruins and still live in the area as well as at the Gulf Coast region. The Castillo bloodline is thousands of years old on the Land mass Called the Americas, Beimng one the earliest founding bloodlines of the Southwest and Northern Meso America.

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