Served in the UNION ARMY during the CIVIL WAR for the State of Pennsylvania. He was the 7'4" tall!

Conflict Period:
Civil War (Union) 1
Army 1
17 Mar 1912 1
Pennsylvania 1

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17 Mar 1912 1
Pennsylvania 1

Civil War (Union) 1

Army 1

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The Charleroi Mail Newspaper - Monday, March 18, 1912


Famous "Greene County Giant" Dies at Washington Hospital


WILLIAM P. BANE, aged 63, better known as "Pat" Bane, the "Greene county giant," died at the Washington Hospital Saturday night. He spent the greater part of his life in Washington and Greene counties.

Bane served with the Ringgold Battalion in the Civil War and was reputed to be the tallest man in the Federal army. In his prime he measured seven feet four inches and weighed 300 pounds. He has attended practically all the national encampments of the G. A. R. and his figure became familiar from coast to coast. In parades he was usually placed at the head of the column to carry the flag.

Bane has visited Charleroi several times. His most notable visit was during the Ringgold Reunion that was held here some years ago. Bane was an expert shingle maker and spent much of his time after the Civil war among relatives in Greene county pursuing his trade.

The coffin in which "Pat" will be buried on Wednesday with full military honors will be the largest ever ordered from Washington measuring seven and one-half feet.

A man of stature!


The Adams County News Newspaper - Saturday, March 23, 1912

Bane was seven feet four inches in height and weighed 300 pounds. Bane was known from coast to coast wherever a G. A. R. national encampment was held. It was Bane whom Lincoln addressed at Gettysburg, saying, "Will that fellow please get down off the stump.

The Day book., March 19, 1912, Page 29

Captain William . ('Pat") Bane, known from coast to coast as tallest soldier of Civil War, is
dead at home near Pittsburgh, He was over 8 feet in height.

The Somerset herald., January 12, 1898, Image 2

No Uniform Big Enongh.
Congressman Acbeson, of Washington, Pa, has introduced in the House a bill granting a pension of _ per month to William P. Bane, of Nineveh. Greene County. "Pat" Bane, as he is familiarly known, is termed the Greene-County giant, being over seven feet high in his stocking feet.

The ground on which Representative Acbeson asks a pension for the "Greene-County Giant" is that Bane contracted rheumatism while in the Army, because of insufficient clothing. The fact is said to be that when Bane enlisted no uniform large enough to cover him comfortably could be found, so he had to get along with clothing that left portions of his anatomy, top, bottom, and middle, more or less exposed to the inclemency of the weather.

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