Served in the UNION ARMY during the CIVIL WAR for the State of Wisconsin. He lived to be 102!

Conflict Period:
Civil War (Union) 1
Army 1
02 Feb 1820 1
Kings County, Ireland 1
28 Feb 1922 1
Princeton, Minnesota 1

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Personal Details

02 Feb 1820 1
Kings County, Ireland 1
Male 1
28 Feb 1922 1
Princeton, Minnesota 1
Cause: Age 1
Ann Malon 1
1848 1

Civil War (Union) 1

Army 1

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Princeton, Minnesota

Olen Bracken
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The Princeton union., March 02, 1922, Page 1


Greenbush Centenarian Passes Away at Home of His Son, James, at Age of 102 Years.

Owen Bracken, senior, the oldest man in Mille Lacs county, who reached the age of 102 years on February 2 of this year, passed away at the home of his son, James, in Greenbush, at 3 o'clock on Tuesday afternoon. The old gentleman experienced a shock of paralysis on February 19 and since last Saturday had been entirely unconscious. For the past few years, as might have been expected, old age had made its inroads upon him, but he possessed a rugged constitution and held up remarkably well, retaining his mentality until unconsciousness came. The members of his family were present at his bedside when death came.

Owen Bracken was born in King's county, Ireland, on February 2, 1820. He came to New York in 1842, where he worked at his trade of cutting and polishing marble. Later he worked on a farm in Madison county, New York, remaining there two years. He was married in 1848 to Nancy Ann Malon. In 1854 he moved onto a farm in Wisconsin and lived there until July, 1869, when he and his family came to Minnesota and settled on section 8, Greenbush. Twelve years ago he went to live with his son, James, on section 6, in the same township. His wife died on January 19, 1908. He is survived by four children, viz James and Owen, Greenbush Mrs. Kate Waldhoff, Henrietta and Mrs. Rose Lafontisee, Bemidji.

Mr. Bracken served with Company D, Twelfth Wisconsin regiment, throughout the civil war and was with Sherman on his march to the sea. He was a splendid type of  American citizen, and well did he perform his duty to his adopted country. Hundreds of friends in Mille Lacs county will long remember this good, whole-souled, patriotic old gentleman.

Funeral services will be conducted in the Greenbush Catholic church to morrow morning at 10 o'clock by Rev. Chas. A. Mayer.

100+ years on the Earth

United States

The Princeton union., November 04, 1909, Page 3  

Owen Bracken has gone to live with his son, James, five miles from Orrock. Despite his age almost 90 years Mr. Bracken is active and enjoys good health. He says, however, that he can't work like he used to the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. He has lived on one farm in Greenbush for forty years.

The Princeton union., February 05, 1920, Page 1

Owen Bracken, Civil War Veteran, Celebrates Hundredth Anniversary of His Birth. Entertains His Friends and, to Show Them He is Still Young, He Dances an Irish Jig.

On Monday, at the home of his son, James, in Greenbush, Owen Bracken, veteran of the civil war, appropriately celebrated the hundredth anniversary of his birth. For several years the old gentleman has felt confident that he would live to be a centenarian, and on Tuesday his ambition was realized.

Mr. Bracken is a remarkable man for his age. Although somewhat shaky from the ravages of time, he enjoys good health. He was particularly active at his birthday celebration and insisted on dancing a jig for the entertainment of the assembled guests. He then passed around the cigars and asked that the Union remember him to Joe Armitage, who never fails to send him a box of the fragrant weeds upon his birthday.

A bountiful luncheon was served by Mr. Bracken's French cook, and it was a merry party that sat at the festal board, the old warrior being the jolliest of all. He attributes the prolongation of his life to the viands prepared for him by his French cook.

The Union hopes that the old gentleman will remain with us for a long time and enjoy good health during his declining years.

The Princeton union., February 03, 1921, Page 4

Reaches Good Old Age of 101. Owen Bracken, pioneer and civil war veteran, celebrated his 101st birthday at the home of his son, James, in Milo Township yesterday.

Many friends and neighbors called up on the old gentleman and he greatly enjoyed the day. While he was unable to dance a jig with his old-time alacrity, he gave a few steps to show that he has not forgotten how to so do. Mr. Bracken received a number of presents, and the tokens of esteem were much appreciated by him. He said that these birthday celebrations always make him feel younger and he believes he will at least reach the age of 102. There is a saying that the first 100 years are always the hardest, and probably Owen has arrived at this conclusion.

The Union congratulates Mr. Bracken and hopes he may live to celebrate his 150th birthday anniversary.

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