04 Jan 1933 1
Los Angeles, California 1
13 Aug 1983 1
Los Angeles, California 1

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04 Jan 1933 1
Los Angeles, California 1
Male 1
13 Aug 1983 1
Los Angeles, California 1
13 Aug 1983 1
Los Angeles, California 1
Place: San Monica, California 1
Place: Seattle, Washington 1
Place: Chicago, Illinois 1
Place: Los Angeles, California 1
Place: Pecos, Texas 1
Place: Westwood Village, California 1
From: 1963 1
From: 1958 1
From: 1956 1
From: 1942 1
From: 1936 1
From: 1933 1
To: 1983 1
To: 1962 1
To: 1957 1
To: 1950 1
To: 1937 1
To: 1936 1
Mother: Vivian Grissom Divers 1
Father: Omer Ferguson Divers 1
Lois Eileen Scates 1
14 Jan 1956 1
Pasadena, California 1
Institution: Institute of Design 1
Institution: Art Center School of Los Angeles 1
Institution: Odessa College 1
Institution: Antelope Valley High School 1
Place: Chicago, Illinois 1
Place: California 1
Place: Odessa, Texas 1
Place: Lancaster, California 1
From: 1955 1
From: 1950 1
From: 1947 1
To: 1957 1
To: 1951 1
To: 1950 1

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Graphic Artist


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Seaman John Grissom Divers USN born 4 Jan 1933 died 13 Aug 1983 assigned as an Artist in the Visual Arts Dept. US Naval Training Center in San Diego, California 1952 to 1955. He received a scholarship and played football for Odessa College in Texas. He was good at art and applied for a job at Disney and waited, hoping to receive a job offer. One day he came home, looked in the mailbox and saw two letters - one from Disney - the other from the Draft Board! He tore open the letter from Disney and found an offer. He left the other one sitting in the mailbox, drove to San Diego and enlisted in the US Navy and was stationed at Naval Training Center at the same time his cousin Jake Lewis was receiving his basic training at the Marine Corp Training Depot. Lucky for John, they recognized his artistic ability and he was assigned to the Visual Arts Department allowing him to use his talents. John enjoyed a career as a graphic artist but not with Disney. Father and mother Omer Ferguson Divers and Vivian Grissom Divers. Older brother Omer Jr. and son Mark Steven Divers.


Santa Monica, CA


A creative consultant to business and industry for the past 17 years. Divers' success is based on his unique ability to:

 ...grasp a situation or problem

...create an idea for solving it

...communicate that idea to the public

As a design consultant, creative director and filmmaker, has background encompasses all media. He has won awards for his advertising layouts. Film presentations, posterts, brochures, packaging designs and corporate identity programs.

His company, Divers Associates, plus a film production for the Stockton Museum involving a theater design for the new museum wing.

As sales promotion consultant to Mazda Motors of America for two years. Divers Associates produced all product brochures, special displays, dealer MPO films, dealer sales meetings, slide shows and a unique live show,featuring mayor entertainment  stars, and 3 screen motion picture production at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas.

Born 1933 in Los Angeles, Divers received his formal art training at the Art Center School in Los Angeles and the Institute of Design in Chicago.

One of his earlier professional assignments was director of Container Corporation of American's Northwest Design Laboratory in Seattle. There he directed and designed packaging projects for Jantzen, White Stag, Brown & Halley, Nalley's Olympia Beer and Viewmaster.

He has worked as a graphic designer for a Frederick Walsh & Associates. G. Dean Smith, Jerome Gould & Associates, Robert Miles Runyan & Associates, and was a corporate art director of Scientific Data Systems.

He has designed corporate trademark programs for Scientific Data Systems, the Alaska Land Exposition, Stronberg Datagraphix and the Lange Company, among others.

 He has produced and pioneered new techniques in multi-media shows for Institutions and industry. Such as project director of the AT&T management identity presentation for Saul Bass & Associates  that employed 8 slide images and 3 motion picture images plus displays, live models and trucks to demonstrate the new AT&T  trademark application. 

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