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Jane Dolores Champlin

Sweetwater, Texas

Jane Dolores Champlin

Born: 14 May 1917 in Chicago, Illinois to David Warren Champlin and Catherine Trottier.

Jane grew up in Richmond, Virginia but graduated from Arcadia College and St. Louis University with a B.A. in 1937. She was the first Arcadia alumni to die in WW II and a building on the campus is named in her honor. She was interested in horseback riding, diving, tennis, and of course flying. She learned to fly in 1940 while in St. Louis and got her pilot's license in the Civil Air Patrol.

Jane entered the USAAF 318th Flight Training Detachment (FTD), Class 43-W-4 to become one of the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) at Avenger Field near Sweetwater, Texas on 21 February 1943.

On the night of 7 June 1943, she and her instructor (Henry S. Aubrey) were killed in a Vultee BT-15 Valiant (tail #42-41441) while on a training flight near Westbrook, approximately 40 miles west of Sweetwater, Texas.

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