13 Jul 1888 1
Mar 1971 1

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Full Name:
Thomas DeWitt Cooke 2
Full Name:
Thomas Cooke 1
13 Jul 1888 1
Mar 1971 1
Burial Place: Mount Olivet Cemetery, Davidson Co., Tennessee, USA 2
Last Residence: Dickson, TN 1
Pearl Gray Jakes 2
10 Mar 1912 2
Shelbyville, Bedford Co., Tennessee, USA 2
Employer: Dupont 2
Place: Old Hickory, TN 2
Social Security:
Card Issued: Tennessee 1
Social Security Number: ***-**-7056 1

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Rayon Record: Du Pont Newsletter--August 5th 1953

Old Hickory, TN, USA

Thomas D. Cook, spindle motor mechanic in the Maintenance group also retured under the age requirement, effective August 1. With an adjusted service date of November 25, 1952. he had more than 27 years service at the time of his retirement.

Mr Cook was born at Fruit Valley, Bedford Co. Tennessee. Prior to coming to work for Du Pont he was a sawyer for three different cedar mills in Shelbyville Tenn.

His entire twenty-seven and one half years with the Company was spent in the Maintenance Department. He started as an oiler and later became a mechanic. Since September 1941, he had worked as a spindle motor mechanic in Spinning Maintenance.

Mr. Cook was married to Miss Pearl Gray Jakes of Bell Buckle and they have seven children. The Cooks reside at 1209 Calvin Avenue in Nashville. One son, Billy Joe, is a former employee and in military service in Korea.

Speaking of his service on the plant, he said, Du Pont is a wonderful company to work for. I practically helped start up the plant and have seen many changes take place, practically all of them for the better." He was also very complimentary of the people with whom he had worked.

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