319th Bomb Group, 439th BS, B-26 MTO Shot-down, POW

1924 1
calif. 1

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1924 1
calif. 1
Male 1
Father: George A Greeth, Sr. 1
19182283 US ARMY # 1
B-26 Gunner, shot-down 1

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George A Greeth (Creeth) 319th BG B-26 19182283


George A Greeth, Jr.( 19182283  ) was residing in Los Angeles, CA and enlisted at Buckley Field, Denver Colo. on 16 Feb. 1943 directly into the AAC as a PVT in the AC.  Born in 1924 in Calif. and completed 4 years of high-school and was still single at enlistment.  (Please see his NARA enlistment link under the MAP below on the Left).

S/Sgt George A Greeth (Creeth) 319th Bomb Group, 439th Bomb Squadron, was a B-26 ARM/Gunner and was shot-down 23 Sept. 1944

319thBG,439thBS, S/Sgt George A Greeth, ARM/Gunner MIA /POW

Lt. Earl O Peterson, Pilot of the 319th Bomb Group, 439th Bomb Squad Shot-Down and Lt Peterson was KIA.
B-26 Marauder #42-107555 of the 319th Bomb Group, 439th Bomb Squadron which was shot-down over the target on 23 Sept. 1944. Bombing Mission to Vigevano, Rail Road Bridge, Italy.  S/Sgt Greeth was able to bail-out but was captured and became a POW.

********* North African Theatre: Italy,  DETAINING POWER; GERMANY

MIA sent to; George A Greeth (Father) at 113 West Arden Avenue, Glendale, CA.

Barbi Ennis Connolly, 319th and 321st BG Historian in the 57th Bomb Wing.

George A Greeth, 19182283 B-26 S/Sgt 319thBG, POW


319th BG, 439th BS, S/Sgt George A Greeth (Creeth) 19182283  POW North African Theatre: Italy

Liberated 3 Nov.1944 (Please see link under MAP to the NARA POW Record)


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