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Arlington National Cemetery

The Arlington National Cemetery has an interesting history. The Arlington mansion and properties belonged to General Robert E. Lee prior to the Civil War. The property was taken from him during the course of the war and Union soldiers were buried on it.


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Arlington Mansion Captured By Union Troops


Lee's Arlington Mansion in the hands of Union troops.

General Robert E. Lee

This portrait photo of General Robert E. Lee clearly shows his features. 

General Lee At Appomattox


General Lee is seen standing in front of the courthouse at Appomattox after surrendering to General Grant, thus ending the bloodiest war in U.S. history.

An Attempt To Retreave The Property


According to an article in the Chicago Tribune dated 29 Apr 1879, one of Lee's extended family members was successful in getting a bill introduced into Congress for the recovery of the property even though 20,000 Union soldiers were buried on it.


A Map of the Arlington National Cemetery


Arlington Cemetery is the largest military cemetery in the United States. It encompasses 624 acres and over 290,000 military personnel from all American Wars are buried there.

Lee Mansion At Arlington Today


The beautiful Lee mansion still graces this hallowed ground today.

Main Gate into Arlington National Cemetery


The main entrance into the Arlington National Cemetery is through a beautiful gate.

Arlington Amphitheater


Home to memorial and other programs, the Arlington National Cemetery Amphitheater is a beautiful facility.

Tombstones at Arlington


A small number of the the gravestones in Arlington are seen in this photo.

Panoramic View of Grave Markers in the Arlington National Cemetery


Arlington Cemetery seen in this panoramic view.

Finding Graves in Military Cemeteries

If you are looking for your own family member, friend or other person who is buried in a military cemetery, be sure to visit the Veterans Gravesite Locator web site. In many cases the spouse of a veteran is also buried in the same cemetery.


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