Difficult events in the life of a young family in Logan, Utah

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Lenton, Nottingham, England 1
21 Oct 1936 1
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09 Oct 1861 1
Lenton, Nottingham, England 1
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21 Oct 1936 1
Wellsville, Cache, Utah 1
Mother: Caroline Eliza Byard 1
Father: William Richards 1
Azail RIGGS 1
18 May 1895 1
Milville, Cache, Utah 1
John Gell BEARDALL 1
24 Jan 1880 1
, Nottingham, England 1
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Dear Sir, Would You Please Pardon Momma?

Logan, Utah

Thirteen year old Polly Beardall found herself raising her siblings due to unfortunate events in the lives of her parents.

Apparently, her father John Gell Beardall left home in 1891 or 1892 saying the was going to Oregon to look for work and was never heard from again. He left his wife, Eliza Richards Beardall and four living children to fend for themselves in Logan, Utah.

Polly was the only daughter in the family. On 18 March 1895, she wrote a letter to the legal authorities asking them to release her mother from jail because Polly had been raising her siblings for over seven months and was worn out.

Her mother, Eliza Richards Beardall had been incarcerated for involuntary manslaughter in the county jail in Logan, Utah. The details of the case aren't revealed in the pardon documents.

Read Polly's poignant plead for her mothers release in this letter asking for her mothers release from jail so she could come home and care for her family in the image below.

The Family

Logan, Utah

Photos of the family have been published by their descendants.

John Gell Beardall, Eliza Richards Beardall, Mary Eliza (Polly) Beardall, Ervin and John Beardall are shown in these in these photos.

The father, John Gell was obviously young when his photo was taken.

The photos of Eliza and her surviving children were taken later in their lives.

I Scarcely Know What To Say

Logan, Utah

U. S. Attorney, J. W. Judd was asked by Judge W. C. Maginnis for his opinion in Polly's pardon request.

Judge Maginnis was at a loss of words as he started penning his letter to Judd.  The impact of young Polly's letter on both of them was obvious in their letters.

Maginnis stated that he didn't think it was good for the children to be put in the care of their mother.

On the surface, this would seem to say that she was an unfit mother, but there is little doubt he meant that due to the indigent circumstances of the family, Eliza would struggle to support, feed and clothe her children.

Governor Vest .... The Decision Is Up To You

Logan, Utah

U. S. Attorney J. W. Judd, wrote a letter to Utah Governor, Caleb W. Vest stating that he couldn't provide a recommendation for pardon, placing the decision on Governor Vest. 

Release and Marriage

Logan, Utah

The pardon was granted on 1 Apr 1895 by Governor Vest and Eliza was released to go home and care for her family.. On 18 May 1895, Eliza married Azial Litchfield Riggs of Logan, Utah.

Two children, Fred and Maud, were produced from this union. Azial died when the children were in their teen years and Eliza again faced the difficult task of working a farm to provide for her family as a single mother.

Eliza died on 21 Oct 1936 in Wellsville, Utah.

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