28 Aug 1881 1
Georgia 1
September 1979 1
Georgia 1
Illinois 1

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Personal Details

Henry Oliver 3
Age in 1930: 49 3
28 Aug 1881 1
Georgia 1
Male 1
Estimated Birth Year: 1881 3
September 1979 1
Georgia 2
Illinois 1
Place: DADE County, Georgia 3
From: 1930 3
Enumeration District: MILITIA DIST 974, CREEK 3
Fannie Loftin Oliver 1
? 1
Treaton, Dade, Georgia 1
Spouse Death Date: September 1979 1
Employer: Railroad Board 1
Position: Foreman 1
Place: Creek, Dade Georgia 1

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I believe that Henry and Fannie Oliver is the parents of Estel Ellis whom is married to Alois Ellis in 1926. Along with her siblings.

Henry Fannie Oliver would be my father's grandfather and grandmother, my great grandfather and great grandmother.

The Olivers

Wilson County, Tennessee

Edward Oliver estimated birth 1803, birthplace South Carolina.  The closest Census I could find on him was dated back 1850, Wilson County, part of , Wilson Tennessee. October 9th 1850 was Schedule I Free Inhabitants in Wilson County, Tennessee. His age at this time was 48, married to Easter Oliver, age 34 estimated year of birth 1816, Alabama. They had 5 boys, John age 15 estimated birth year 1835, birthplace Tennessee. Robert, age 11, estimated birth year 1839. Samuel Oliver, age 7 estimated birth year 1843, William age 5, birth year 1845, and Zachariah age 1 estimated birth year 1849. All birthplace was Tennessee. They had 3-daughters, Elsira age 13, 1837 and Elizabeth age 9 1841 and Mary age 6 1844 all from Tennessee. None of them attended school prior to 1850 and doesn't list any occupation for either of them. Property valued from $300.00 to $3,000 the highest. 

The young child William Oliver, at the age of 5, is Henry H. Oliver, father. Edward is Henry's grandfather, William is his father. 

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