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Pilots In Training During WWII

Bruce Field, aka Harmon Flying Center, was located in Ballinger, TX. Bruce Field was a training facility for pilots for the Army Air Forces during WWII. The trainees came from all over the United States. Some made it...and some were "E.P."


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Bruce Field, Ballinger, TX

Eller Ruth Miller
My mother, Eller Ruth Miller lived in Ballinger and at the sweet age of 15 or 16 she worked in the PX at Bruce Field. 


Ballinger, TX

The Cadet Class 43-J0009.jpg
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My father, Cpl. Frank Wroblewski was the medic at Bruce Field.  He's standing next to medical truck on this page.

The Cadet (book)

Bruce Field, Ballinger, TX

The Cadet Class 43-J0001.jpg

My mother bought the book "The Cadet" while she worked at the base. Since she worked at the PX, she would have the guys sign their name next to their picture when they came in to eat. Not all the trainees passed. My mother wrote "E.P." above some of the cadets photos which meant "Eliminated Pilot". One story my mom and dad told me was the time there was a plane that crashed and my dad had to go recover the bodies of the cadet and the instructor. They recalled it was a sad day and the flags were flown at half mast.

I have scanned the entire book, please take a look. All the cadets are listed in alphabetical order with the name of their home town.

Feel free to annotate!

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