17 Jan 1874 1
New Kent County, Virginia 1
13 Mar 1875 1
Louisa County, Virginia 1

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17 Jan 1874 1
New Kent County, Virginia 1
Male 1
13 Mar 1875 1
Louisa County, Virginia 1
Place: Louisa County, Va 1
From: early 1800's 1
To: 31 Dec 1969 1
Mother: Anne Layne Clopton 1
Father: Capt. Elisha P. Meredith Jr. 1
Sarah Ford Gardner 1
12 Jun 1809 1
Louisa County, VA. 1

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Dr. Wm. Meredith Obituary


William Meredith Obituary

     Another old citizen has left the scenes of earth.  On the 13th of March 1875, after a long and painful illness, died Dr. Wm Meredith, at his residence in Louisa County., Va. aged ninety-one years, one month and 2 days.  In some respects the deceased was a remarkable man.  His integrity and honesty no one ever questioned, and few indeed were more useful and benevolent.  By strict and unremitted attention for forty years to the practice of medicine he amassed considerable wealth, and always attended and adminstered to the wants of the poor (from whom he knew he was not to receive any reward) with the same cheerfulness that he did to the rich, and he estimated that at least one third of his entire practice was thus gratuitously bestowed, which in the aggregate would have amounted to (at the lowest computation) ten thousand dollars.  In this way he great honored his Maker, if we accept as truth the declaration of Solomon, "He that oppresseth the poor reproacheth his Maker, but he that honoreth him hath mercy on the poor."  He was baptized in 1837 by Elder James M. Bagby, and united with the Disciples of Christ, and when upwards of 80 years old regularly walked six miles weekly to celebrate his Saviour's death.  He had a large circle of friends throughout the State, many in Richmond, for whom he cherished affection, as was evinced in his last moments.  Calling on his oldest son just before his death, he said, "Convey my kind remembrances to all my friends in Richmond, be sure not to overlook any of them."  thus while he greatly desired and earnestly prayed to depart and be with Christ and the pure in heart who have gone before him, he cherished nothing but love for those he was leaving behind him.  With such a record before us we "sorrow not as those who have no hope."  No, when we think of his noble self-sacrificing life for the good of others, hope with its bright wings sweeps away the darkness from his tomb and points upward to that better world, for surely he who left no enemies on earth, has none but friends, and will receive naught but bliss in that glorious world where the pure in heart dwell.


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