Joseph B. Kildron Bn: Jun. 1, 1891 1
Birmingham, Ala 1

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Joseph B. Kildron Bn: Jun. 1, 1891 1
Birmingham, Ala 1
Male 1
Mother: Mary Emma Glenn--Kildron 1
Father: Frederick Starr Kildron 1

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  1. Contributed by MaryKildron


Joseph Berry Kildron

Birmingham, Alabama

Joseph B. Kildren --played baseball with a Lindale Georgia Team in 1916 and played the Team Atlanta Crackers.  He also played baseball with with a Frisco Railroad Team in 1927 in Alabama. Before his death in 1952 he Umpired baseball teams in Birmingham, Ala.

He was born June 1, 1891 in B'ham, Alabama and died Oct. 17,1952 in Birmingham, Ala.

He had worked for Frisco Railroad as a engineer for 35 years.

He was married to Mellie Vera Minga(Kildron)and she died Oct. 24, 1975 They are both buried in     Crenshaw Cemetery in Greenwod Springs ,Mississippi.

J. B. Kildron and Mellie Vera Minga Kildron  had 4 children:  Frederick Joseph Kildron Bn: July 8, 1926 in Birmingham, Ala Died Apr. 2000 and is buried in Natchez Military Cemetery in Natchez, Ms..--Doris Eleanor Kildron (Sullivan) Bn: March 17. 1929 in Amory, Ms. and Died May 2012 in Birmingham, Ala. She is buried in Crenshaw Cemetery in Greenwood Springs, Mississippi, -- Wanda Nell Kildron (Living) Bn: July 27, 1935 in Greenwood Springs, Miss.--- Mary Grace Kildron (Living) Bn: Jan. 27, 1937 in Gattman, Miss.

3 Step children:   Harold McCoy Pickle Bn: July 24, 1915 in Miss. Died Feb.1990 in Bradenton, Fla. He was Cremated------ Syble Etta Pickle (Ford )(Floyd )Bn: Aug. 15, 1917 in Miss. Died Mar. 2013 buried in Memorial Gardens in Monroe, Louisiana.===  Bessie Frances Pickle (Moore) Bn: Jan. 17,1919 in B'Ham, Ala. Died Dec. 28, 2003 buried in Memphis Tenn.

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