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Harvey H Hinman 1
Age in 1930: 14 1
Estimated Birth Year: 1916 1
Place: SANTA CLARA County, California 1
From: 1930 1
Enumeration District: LOS ALTOS TOWN 1

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Col. Harvey Hinman (Doolittle Raider) 310thBG HQ/MTO


Lt. Harvey Hinman, was a stand-by Pilot ON the Hornet if some one needed to be replaced, he was as ready as the others who actually Flew !  He was as ready to give  his life as all of the valuable "Other" that were there for this Historic and amazing event !  OH, It was going to be "Historic" all right !  Not only for actually watching those B-25's rise successfully off the Hornet's pitching and heaving deck, but they had been seen, it was 600 miles too soon !  They thought they were flying to their death, not imaginging that they were about the change the course of the entire WAR !

  The "Doolittle Raid" is our HISTORY, so now we go forward, Doolittle was promoted, given the 12th Air Force, and gathered his loyal men behind him to be placed in positions of great importance, positions that would guide the Air War over in Africa/Italy and to the very surrender of the Germans !

   Col Harvy Hinman was an original member, assigned into the 310th Headquarters.

Barbi Ennis Connolly; 57th BW Historical Researcher and 319th and 321st BG Historian.  Any info, additions or corrections?


Col Harvey Hinman, 310thBG HQ


Col Hinman was in the 310th as an Officer/Intelligence and went with the 310th Bomb Group, Headquarters. . . . . . . The B-25 Mitchell Medium Bombers, to each and every base they occupied, aiding in the important day-to-day decisions and the grueling task of deciding on the Targets and times for the B-25 Combat Missions against the Axis.  -B

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