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Records on this document

  • Hovorka, Willard Ralph

  • Ingram, Jack Christopher

  • Jacobsen, Arne Jense

  • Jernigan, Alvin Jewell

  • Johnson, Carl John

  • Johnson, Fred Francis

  • Johnson, George Wade

  • Johnson, J Edgar

  • Johnson, Orin Hilton

  • Jordan, James Harlen

  • Kasarda, Anthony Vincent

  • Keith, Arthur Ralph

  • Keith, Carl Lon

  • Klinge, John Francis

  • Knowles, Elwood

  • Koefod, Raymond Magnus

  • Kowalsky, Fred Joseph

  • Kramer, Robert Durland

  • Krisman, Joseph Charles

  • Kyger, Oren Virgil

  • Larsen, Frank

  • Ledford, Carl Edward

  • Lee, James Robert

  • Leonard, Percy Donald

  • Lewis, Gerald Nelson

  • Libowski, Joseph John

  • Lippert, Eugene Henry

  • Lovelace, Billie Potter

  • Lovett, Horace Adolph

  • Mackin, Thomas Joseph

  • Magdaleno, Joe Caravez

  • Malone, Richard Wade

  • Mandeville, Erwin Leslie

  • Manies, George Oliver

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Pearl Harbor Muster Rolls

These records include detailed muster rolls listing all personnel assigned to ships based at Pearl Harbor, 1939-47, as well as reports of changes for sailors transferred to other ships or locations, and those missing or dead.

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