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Records on this document

  • Albrecht, Frank McAdams

  • Aloe, Robert Campbell

  • Anderson, Webster

  • Babcock, Conrad Stanton

  • Baker, William Clyde

  • Banville, James Harold

  • Barlow, Ernest Andrew

  • Barnes, Verdi Beethoven

  • Barnes, Wallace Hayden

  • Bayer, William Livingston

  • Beach, Dwight Edward

  • Bean, Emmett James

  • Beauchamp, Charles Edward

  • Beeman, Aaron William

  • Bell, Raymond Earle

  • Bell, William Lewis

  • Bergquist, Earl Clarence

  • Berry, Robert Ward

  • Betts, Thomas Jeffries

  • Binns, John Joseph

  • Bird, John Franklin

  • Bonesteel, Charles Hartwell

  • Booth, Robert Highman

  • Bowen, Frank Sayles

  • Breckinridge, William Mattingly

  • Bromley, Charles Vinson

  • Brown, Frederic Joseph

  • Brown, Rothwell Hutton

  • Browning, Samuel Roberts

  • Buchanan, David Hayton

  • Bullock, William Carson

  • Burbach, Claude Franklin

  • Burger, Vonna Fernleigh

  • Burns, John Robert

  • Bush, George Elial

  • Butchers, Ralph Joseph

  • Butler, Robert George

  • Calloway, Charles Greene

  • Caraway, Paul Wyatt

  • Cardwell, Eugene Fodrea

  • Carns, Edwin Hugh John

  • Carter, Marshall Sylvester

  • Carter, William Arnold

  • Colby, Joseph Milton

  • Collins, Samuel Pickens

  • Conrad, Victor Allen

  • Cooney, James Patrick

  • Cooper, Ralph Copeland

  • Corderman, William Preston

  • Costello, Normando Anthony

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Army Registers, 1798-1969

Each volume lists officers who served in the United States Army. The amount of information differs by publication, but typically includes rank, date of commission, former commissions, when they entered service, and where they were born. The pages are OCR searchable, and some include indexes at the back of the book. Note that the officers are those who served in the U.S. Army, and not in state regiments.

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