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2 x paternal great-grandfather

Connection made 25 Sep 2014.

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Page 23 Includes Same Person(s) Knight, Greenville

Union Soldier Greenville Knight Co K 1st TN Cav is listed on the Regiment's Descriptive Roll & Pension File Son of Robert Burton Knight & Frances Livingston

Connection made 22 Nov 2012.

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Page 4 Hatfield & McCoy Feud Begins Page 1

They make peace with Uncle Sam and get ready to fight one another

Connection made 15 Jun 2012.

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Page 2 Hatfield & McCoy Paroles Page 1

" Devil Anse Hatfield & " Ol Ran'l " McCoy make peace with Uncle Sam and get ready to go to war with each other !!

Connection made 14 Jun 2012.

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Page 1 image to image Page 1

Brother against Brother : East Tennessee & the Civil War

Connection made 15 Jul 2009.

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Page 6 image to image TillmanHowardLand.jpg

Tillman Howard Land Began Civil War as a Rebel in 59th Tn Mtd Inf.

Connection made 15 Jul 2009.

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Land, Tilman H. image to image TillmanHowardLand.jpg

Tilman Howard Land Union soldier Co.B 7th Tenn Mtd Inf

Connection made 15 Jul 2009.

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Page 2 image to image Goldsmith, Mayes

Federal Pension File Card for Maze Goldsmith Co.F Union 10th Ky Cav

Connection made 23 Jun 2009.

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Page 3 Includes Same Person(s) Depew, Lilburn W.

LILBURN WILLIAM DEPEW of Sullivan County,East Tennessee. Enrolled in what would become Company B 19th Tenn Confederate Inf. age 16 at Knoxville,Tn. in May,1861 before Tenn had even left the Union. He was discharged ( for being under age ) after the passing of the first Confederate conscricption act ( draft law ) He returned to East Tennessee and joined the Union Army's 8th Tn Cav. Co.I probably in the fall of 1863,for which he drew a Federal Pension ( on the right ) He was married to Sarah Hashbarger. Sarah's mother Hannah Cox Hashbarger was a sister to my maternal gr,gr,grandfather John Harvey Cox. Her brother,John D.Hashbarger Confederate Private Co.K 19th Tenn Inf died in the Civil War. Her father,Elijah Co B 19th Tn Inf was wounded at Stones River,Tenn

Connection made 14 Feb 2009.

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Page 76 Includes Same Person(s) robert isbell.gif

Confederate Captain Robert H. Isbell Co D 1st Ala Inf. Captured at Port Hudson La.He spent most of the war a prisoner on Johnson's Island,Ohio. His paternal grandfather,Thomas Isbell was a brother of my paternal 4x gr grandmother,Elizabeth Isbell Land.

Connection made 10 May 2008.

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Page 2 Includes Same Person(s) John2.jpg

My maternal gr gr grandfather John Harvey Cox of Sullivan Co East Tn. Co B, 19th Tn Inf was probably conscripted ( drafted ) into the Confederate Army after Sept 1862. One of only 3 file cards shows him " captured July 3, 1863 at Cowan Tn " forwarded to Louisville, Ky " a processing point for rebel p.o.w.'s. John was never delivered north to prison. He was probably allowed to take the Oath of Allegiance to the U.S. and return home. Oral family history says he had several " run-ins " with both Rebs and Yanks during the remainder of the war. He died abt 1906. Through the efforts of my cousins and Cox descendants, Donna Cox Briggs and Brian Cox, a Confederate marker from the state of Tennessee was placed on his grave located at the family " home-place " in 2005.

Connection made 10 Oct 2008.

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Page 8 Includes Same Person(s) Richard Copass.jpg

Confederate 3rd Lt. Richard D. Copass: Company E 60th Tenn Inf Captured May 17,1863 at Big Black River Bridge, Miss along with his brother,John. Arriving at Johnson's Island P.O.W. Camp in June,63 he died the following August. John would die in October at Ft. Delaware. To the right is Richard's grave on the island. Decorated and photographed by my 1st cousins,Donna Cox Briggs and her brother,Jeff. Richard was brother to their paternal and my maternal gr,gr,grandmother, Cynthia Copass Cox from our home in Sullivan County in East Tennessee.

Connection made 09 Oct 2008.

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Page 2 Includes Same Person(s) Page 25

JOHN P. HALE Confederate Private CO.H 3rd Tenn Inf. Wounded and sent home from Ft Donelson, Tennessee. Later captured in Georgia in 1864. Finished the war a Yankee in Co.G 6th Tenn Mtd Inf.( a LAND kinsman of mine,also a former Johnny Reb served in CO.E ) John was a brother to James Hale.

Connection made 08 Oct 2008.

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Page 7 Includes Same Person(s) Hale, James M.

JAMES MARTIN HALE Pvt in Company K 53rd Tennessee Inf. Captured at Fort Donelson, Tn. Exchanged and later discharged from the Rebel Army. He soon joined the Union's 4th Tennessee Inf Company D. His mother, LYDIA JANE COX was sister to my 3rd gr grandfather, JOHN COX JR. of East Tennessee. The HALES lived out their years in Collin County, Texas.

Connection made 08 Oct 2008.

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Page 6 Includes Same Person(s) Land, Tilman H.

TILMAN HOWARD LAND was a cousin to my Western North Carolina Lands. Deserted the Rebel Army and joined the Federal 7th Tennessee Mtd Inf. 3 brothers were Confederates paroled at Vicksburg, Mississippi.

Connection made 08 Oct 2008.

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Page 14 Includes Same Person(s) Simmons, Jackson

On the left is the parole for Confederate Jackson Simmons 3rd Maryland Light Artillery issued to him after the surrender of the Confederate garrison at Vicksburg,Miss. July 4,1863. He returned to his home in East Tennessee and on July 4,1864 joined Co.F of the UNION 3rd Tn. Mtd. Inf. Image on the right is the file card for his FEDERAL pension. Jackson was the father of my maternal gr,grandmother, Mary Simmons Cox.

Connection made 30 Sep 2008.

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Simmons, Jackson Includes Same Person(s) jackson simmons.jpg

Jackson Simmons was the father of my maternal gr,grandmother, Mary Simmons Cox

Connection made 27 Dec 2007.

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Blakeley, William A. Includes Same Person(s) DCFC0032.JPG

Federal Pension for Union Army Veteran,WILLIAM A.BLAKELY,gr,uncle of my grandmother,Annie Blakely Land. Brother of her grandfather,Jackson Blakely.His headstone at Depew's Chapel Methodist Church,Kingsport,Tenn.

Connection made 08 May 2008.

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