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Wilson, Harvey, Peterson, Maddox, and Davis were aboard 42-95913. See MACR 5144. Moffett was aboard 42-95858. See MACR 5139.

Image, found in Missing Air Crew Reports, WWII: Page 13 · 23 Nov 2013 You

Bill Heichel's book "Milk Run: A Gunner's Tale" is worth reading. One of Bill's best friends was Hank Isenberg, who was one of Capt. Jones' crew. Bill and Hank were Radio…

Memorial Page: Crash of B-26 Marauder 42-95933 PFF MACR... · 18 Jul 2013 You

The tail section of 41-35253 RJ-S has survived and is on display at the Boxted Airfield Museum, England (

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42-95800 4L-C "Purring Panther" (574th BS) was hit by a bomb from another aircraft on 13th August 1944 (MACR 7648). It's wing was severely damaged and it crashed into another…

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