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The date on this item is incorrectly identified as 31 January 1936 -- it is actually a "report of changes" sheet for 31 January 1941. The ship at this time was not commissioned,…

Image, found in Pearl Harbor Muster Rolls: Page 1 · 27 Oct 2011 You

Plane is Grumman F4F-3 (BuNo 4019), assigned to Marine Fighting Sqdn (VMF) 211on 21 Oct 1941. Flown on CAP 8 Dec 1941 by 2ndLt John F. Kinney USMC; on 11 Dec 1941 by Capt. Henry…

Spotlight: japanese plane WW2 · 26 Sep 2011 You

This relates to the Puget Sound Navy Yard, not Pearl Harbor Navy Yard, and the tug activities at PSNY, not PHNY, so should not be in the Pearl Harbor Muster Rolls.

Image, found in Pearl Harbor Muster Rolls: Page [Blank] · 07 May 2010 You