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Likely the Thomas P Stark in the 1860 census, Morgan County, GA. THomas P Stark 27 GA Mary A 18 GA Emma 1 GA

Image, found in Civil War Soldiers - Confederate - GA: Page 11 · 28 Feb 2013 You

Kaufman Station was later named Johnstons Station (in the vicinity of current day Arlington, Tarrant County, Texas). Not to be confused with Kaufman, Tx which is in Kaufman…

Image, found in Mexican War Service Records - Texas: Page 5 · 30 May 2012 You

Clarissa Jane (Prewitt) FOX, widow of John Middleton FOX, daughter of Dudley and Rebbecca (Dorrah) PREWITT.

Image, found in Texas Death Certificates: Fox, Elensa · 18 May 2012 You

Transcription error, Matthew Dougherty (not Mauhan).

Image, found in Numbered Record Books: Page 57 · 19 Jan 2012 You