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The actual cause of death was a HEAT ATTACK.

Memorial Page: My father is age 90 today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! · 22 Jan 2009 You

This is one of my Great Grandfather's.

Spotlight: Allen E. LARMAN, a Great Grandfth of mine,... · 10 Jan 2009 You

Mary, his wife died in 1911.

Spotlight: John Henry LEWIS' last census, taken in... · 08 Jan 2009 You

The only indication that this UNKNOWN-LARMAN, was married to a Allen E. LARMAN, JR- was a "net" statement.

Spotlight: A Mary E. LARMAN, maybe had been mar., to... · 06 Jan 2009 You

I will copy the next page of this particular census 1900 DC, to show his family, that was on the following page.

Spotlight: Allen Ellsworth LARMAN, b. abt May 1861,... · 04 Jan 2009 You

This is the 1930 fed census taken in Washington DC.

Spotlight: William Joseph LAWLOR, b. NY-1 of my... · 02 Jan 2009 You

Much of this info is in John H. (HENRY) LEWIS' only book, "Recollections from 1860 to 1865. Published in Washington DC.

Memorial Page: Mary Frances EMMERSON-LEWIS b. Portsmouth,... · 01 Jan 2009 You

William Nicholas HANDIBOE, was a Record clerk, for the US government, in 1930, according to the 1930 fed census. Pearl Evelyn TEEPLE-HANDIBOE, was a housewife.

Memorial Page: Dewitt H. TEEPLE, timeline and info-UNION... · 29 Dec 2008 You

RemoveTEEPLE, DeWitt H. in your tree "HANDIBOE-LEWIS-ROOTS-2008" You have saved this record to My Ancestry (Shoebox). You have saved this record to My Ancestry (People I'm Looking…

Memorial Page: Dewitt H. TEEPLE, timeline and info-UNION... · 25 Dec 2008 You

The Washington Post newspaper, had an article re: Dewitt's death, in 1905, I believe, I'll check and try and find it and include it here.

Memorial Page: Dewitt H. TEEPLE, timeline and info-UNION... · 25 Dec 2008 You


Spotlight: Jacob H. LITTLE b. 1834 in PA, dec'd aft... · 22 Dec 2008 You

George W. BALLENGER, jR., married Ella Grace JACK.

Spotlight: George W. BALLENGER, Sr. b. Washington DC.... · 12 Dec 2008 You

In addition to Ella Grace JACK, one of James' daughter's was a Ada Elizabeth JACK, who married a George W. MUCH of MUTCH, or George W. MUCH, as it was changed to, George was born…

Spotlight: James JACK, Jr., b. VA abt 1827, father of... · 09 Dec 2008 You

Emmanuel and one of his brother's married SMITH "twin" sister's in Maryland. both the SMITH "twins, were seamstresses. They are buried in MARYLAND.

Memorial Page: Emmanuel O. LITTLE b. 1865 in Northern,... · 09 Dec 2008 You

Allen Ellsworth LARMAN, Sr. was one of my GreatGrandfather's.

Spotlight: Allen Ellsworth LARMAN, Jr. this is his... · 26 Nov 2008 You

William Joseph LAWLOR'S draft record, which also, show's my Grandmother's marriage to him and other info, their address, etc/

Spotlight: My Grandmother listed on her 2nd husbands... · 17 Nov 2008 You

WWII military info on William Joseph LAWLOR, one of my step-Grandfather's.

Spotlight: William Joseph LAWLOR, one of my... · 10 Nov 2008 You

This is an address and place I still remember as a child. My Grandmother's 2nd husband, who died in Washington DC-see Washington Post, he died 1952.

Spotlight: William Joseph LAWLOR, one of my... · 10 Nov 2008 You

Alvin lived till after 1920 in Covington Township, TIOGA, PA. Alvin married a Hettie. He died before her.

Spotlight: Alvin H. INGALLS, husband of a STETLER or... · 02 Nov 2008 You Dean THOMSON, at above email if you have info on Abner's parents. THANKS.

Spotlight: Abner STETLER'S death certificate, died at... · 02 Nov 2008 You