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Abner died after 1850.

Spotlight: Abner PETTY, (a distant relative... · 10 Jul 2011 You


Spotlight: Abner PETTY, (a distant relative... · 10 Jul 2011 You

Rhoda died Oct. 1877, in Stafford, VA-according to a record at

Spotlight: Rhoda LOVELACE, father of Lucien LOVEACE,... · 09 Jul 2011 You

Helen Grace LOVELACE-LEWIS, was the daughter of a Lucien A. LOVELACE, who was born in VA 1847. John Howard LEWIS' Grandfth was a John H. LEWIS, CONFEDERATE and writer of…

Spotlight: John Howard LEWIS, son of John M. LEWIS. · 09 Jul 2011 You

This was a "rare" donation contact, she no only has the info., you may be seeking, but the pictures here are her's. ::)

Image, found in llighthse's uploads: Surratt-Mary-donated-by-yvonneelaine.jpg · 14 May 2011 You

Donald BISSETT, a son of Ollie BISSETT, Sr., and husband of Valerie MILLER-BISSETT, of NC-is also dec'd.

Spotlight: Valerie MILLER-BISSETT, dec'd wife of... · 11 May 2011 You

Frank d'WAINIO, is CORRECT, instead.

Spotlight: Frank WAINIO, a Grandfth of mine, last... · 07 May 2011 You

fRANK D'wainio's first marriage was at age 19 in Finland, so I was informed, which ended in divorce. His second in NYC, ended in his wife's death, she died as a result of…

Spotlight: Frank WAINIO, a Grandfth of mine, last... · 07 May 2011 You

Henry LARMAN former UNION soldier died FROZE to death in Washinton DC, left a widow, Margaret who died 1904.

Spotlight: Washington Post 1919-Estate of Henry... · 27 Mar 2011 You

The three pictures of Calvin C. J. NORRIS, are OWNED by a NORRIS decendant and sent to me via email with permission to use for this eXact type of thing. For further info, I guess…

Spotlight: Calvin C. J. NORRIS, owned by a NORRIS,... · 25 Feb 2011 You

These pictures are OWNED by some of the NORRIS, decendants, Calvin wrote a book for his family, I have permission via email to use the three sent so far. for further NORRIS, info…

Spotlight: Calvin C. J. NORRIS. From a book owned by... · 25 Feb 2011 You

Mildred Rosella LEACHJ OR LEITCH, was born Mildred Rosella LARMAN and her parents were a Susannah or Susanna or Susie BALLENGER-LARMAN-FOSTER.

Spotlight: Thomas & Mildred Rosella LEITCH 1930 · 21 Feb 2011 You

This picture is owned and sent to me via email from Susan Wisniowski-Susan is a decendant of the above couple.

Spotlight: MILDRED ROSELLA LARMAN-LEITCH or LEACH. · 27 Jan 2011 You

24 Apr 1917, Washington Post article. Edna, died a LEWIS?

Spotlight: Edna LEWIS, daughter Son Confederate, John... · 19 Jan 2011 You

Sent to me via email from a No, I'm not related. Just someone interested in anything to do with the civil war era and historical events. Sure, you can gladly put them on…

Spotlight: A rare "tin" sent to me via email from a... · 06 Sep 2010 You

The record for June 27, was broken today. From WV, though Central-Maryland. The heat index here, was abt 106, and the actual temp., was at least 100. Central Maryland

Spotlight: Charles Town, WV. June 27, 2010-Billy &... · 27 Jun 2010 You

Apparently Cathern UNKNOWN-SULLIVAN, died prior to 1870, Roger's wife.

Image, found in llighthse's uploads: 1870-roger-sullivan-n-joseph-johnson-dc.jpg · 04 Jun 2010 You

I corrected this census' at as well the HOH, should be spelled LARMAN, not TARMAN.

Spotlight: Solomon KIRBY, living with a son-in-law.... · 31 May 2010 You

You can find a LARMAN orbit at

Spotlight: Calvin Christopher Columbus Jackson NORRIS... · 16 May 2010 You

Here's another picture of your great-grand-aunt Ella BALLENGER-NEUBECK-SPITZER ....... I've located some pictures of her parents George Ballinger and Ella Jack) but will have to…

Image, found in llighthse's uploads: Ella-Grace-Ballenger--dau-of-Ella-n-George... · 24 Mar 2010 You