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MORE INFO from dean THOMSON re: CHRISTIAN STETLER- Laura, Also Margaret Stetler daughter of Christian & Ann McGinley Stetler: Margaret M. Stetler born July 1807 died July 1844…

Memorial Page: Abner STETLER b. Philadelphia PA Aug., 27,... · 17 Mar 2012 You

I just include the 1910 fed census taken in Washington DC. which has Calvin Christopher Columbus Jackson NORRIS and a Great Aunt of mine Maggie or Margaret NORRIS on it. I believe…

Memorial Page: Calvin Christopher Columbus Jackson NORRIS... · 26 Feb 2012 You

From John Norris: Many thanks for this...I now have a picture of the true owner of the sword and my ggranfather with the closed after…

Memorial Page: Captain John NORRIS,(UNION) b. PA, POW... · 20 Nov 2011 You

This photo was taken when Norris was promoted to the rank of 2nd Lieutenant on August 23, 1862 and assigned to Company E, 2nd Regiment of Artillery, 112th Pennsylvania Volunteers.…

Memorial Page: Captain John NORRIS,(UNION) b. PA, POW... · 20 Nov 2011 You

Thank you for the note John! Our Calvin passed the sword to my uncle Fred in Dayton, WA. When Uncle Fred passed, it went to my Dad, me and now with my niece Lisa and her family…

Memorial Page: Captain John NORRIS,(UNION) b. PA, POW... · 09 Nov 2011 You

Abner died after 1850.

Spotlight: Abner PETTY, (a distant relative... · 10 Jul 2011 You


Spotlight: Abner PETTY, (a distant relative... · 10 Jul 2011 You

Rhoda died Oct. 1877, in Stafford, VA-according to a record at

Spotlight: Rhoda LOVELACE, father of Lucien LOVEACE,... · 09 Jul 2011 You

Helen Grace LOVELACE-LEWIS, was the daughter of a Lucien A. LOVELACE, who was born in VA 1847. John Howard LEWIS' Grandfth was a John H. LEWIS, CONFEDERATE and writer of…

Spotlight: John Howard LEWIS, son of John M. LEWIS. · 09 Jul 2011 You

This was a "rare" donation contact, she no only has the info., you may be seeking, but the pictures here are her's. ::)

Image, found in llighthse's uploads: Surratt-Mary-donated-by-yvonneelaine.jpg · 14 May 2011 You

Donald BISSETT, a son of Ollie BISSETT, Sr., and husband of Valerie MILLER-BISSETT, of NC-is also dec'd.

Spotlight: Valerie MILLER-BISSETT, dec'd wife of... · 11 May 2011 You

Frank d'WAINIO, is CORRECT, instead.

Spotlight: Frank WAINIO, a Grandfth of mine, last... · 07 May 2011 You

fRANK D'wainio's first marriage was at age 19 in Finland, so I was informed, which ended in divorce. His second in NYC, ended in his wife's death, she died as a result of…

Spotlight: Frank WAINIO, a Grandfth of mine, last... · 07 May 2011 You

Henry LARMAN former UNION soldier died FROZE to death in Washinton DC, left a widow, Margaret who died 1904.

Spotlight: Washington Post 1919-Estate of Henry... · 27 Mar 2011 You

The three pictures of Calvin C. J. NORRIS, are OWNED by a NORRIS decendant and sent to me via email with permission to use for this eXact type of thing. For further info, I guess…

Spotlight: Calvin C. J. NORRIS, owned by a NORRIS,... · 25 Feb 2011 You

These pictures are OWNED by some of the NORRIS, decendants, Calvin wrote a book for his family, I have permission via email to use the three sent so far. for further NORRIS, info…

Spotlight: Calvin C. J. NORRIS. From a book owned by... · 25 Feb 2011 You

Mildred Rosella LEACHJ OR LEITCH, was born Mildred Rosella LARMAN and her parents were a Susannah or Susanna or Susie BALLENGER-LARMAN-FOSTER.

Spotlight: Thomas & Mildred Rosella LEITCH 1930 · 21 Feb 2011 You

This picture is owned and sent to me via email from Susan Wisniowski-Susan is a decendant of the above couple.

Spotlight: MILDRED ROSELLA LARMAN-LEITCH or LEACH. · 27 Jan 2011 You

24 Apr 1917, Washington Post article. Edna, died a LEWIS?

Spotlight: Edna LEWIS, daughter Son Confederate, John... · 19 Jan 2011 You

Sent to me via email from a No, I'm not related. Just someone interested in anything to do with the civil war era and historical events. Sure, you can gladly put them on…

Spotlight: A rare "tin" sent to me via email from a... · 06 Sep 2010 You