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Maggie was married at age 19, not Calvin.

Spotlight: Calvin Christopher Columbus Jackson NORRIS... · 05 Sep 2008 You

1879 15 Apr Age: 19 Marriage 1 historical record Historical Newspapers, Birth, Marriage, & Death Announcements, 1851-2003

Spotlight: Calvin Christopher Columbus Jackson NORRIS... · 05 Sep 2008 You

One of my GGGreat Grandfathers, my Grandmother's Great Grandfather, that would be MARGARET E. LARMAN.

Spotlight: James JACK b. Virginia, father of Ella... · 03 Sep 2008 You

Allen's mother had died in 1904, maybe that had something to do with his apparent loss of mind. He was the son of Henry J. LARMAN and an employee of the US, Government.

Spotlight: Allen E. (Ellsworth) LARMAN, death notice... · 03 Sep 2008 You

Dot's mother was a LITTLE, who's mother's "maiden" name was SMITH.

Spotlight: Edith Dorothy "Dot" LITTLE-STONER b.... · 30 Aug 2008 You

Susie FOSTER, was my Grandmother, Margaret's mother. FOSTER, is the name of her 2nd husband, who apparently died in WWI. Name Quincy W. FOSTER. Susie FOSTER, as she called…

Spotlight: George W. BALLENGER dec'd 1916 in... · 30 Aug 2008 You

George W. BALLENGER, was one of my GreatGreatGrandfathers. Among his children was a Susanna, Susanah, Susannah or Susie BALLENGER-LARMAN-FOSTER, b. DC dec'd No., Virginia.

Image, found in City Directories - Washington DC: Ballenger, Spencer (p. 186) · 29 Aug 2008 You

Look at near the bottom right hand side of image from POST.

Memorial Page: George W. BALLENGER, death notice 1916,... · 29 Aug 2008 You

The title of this picture is myself with my father about a month ago. In a small place caalled "Marley Neck", which is in Anne Arundel Co., Maryland.

Memorial Page: My father is age 90 today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! · 20 Aug 2008 You

Among these Joseph JOHNSON'S, I'm pretty sure is the father of Mary E. JOHNSON-LEWIS. Which would make one of these Joseph JOHNSON'S a GGGrandfth of mine.

Image, found in City Directories - Washington DC: Johnson, Joseph (p. 594) · 20 Aug 2008 You

Frank CLARK, at right sitting on floor, tie- was my Grandaunt Susie LARMAN'S, 2nd husband, who also, died in North Carolina.

Spotlight: Margaret Estella LARMAN-LEWIS-LAWLOR b.... · 15 Aug 2008 You

One of the LEWIS'-STOKES, also does research on the CONFEDERATE, John H. LEWIS b. VA- she was b. DC-a GGGranddaughter of John. This is one Edward, is one of HER" ancestor's.

Spotlight: Edward STOKES, a relative of another... · 15 Aug 2008 You

Quincy, after his WWI enlistment papers, all I've found is that Susannah or Susie FOSTER, one of my GreatGrandmth's, was again a "widow" by 1920, therefore, I think he died during…

Spotlight: Quincy W. FOSTER, one of my... · 15 Aug 2008 You

Calvin Christopher Columbus Jackson NORRIS, married to one of my GreatAunt's. Maggie LARMAN-NORRIS, who died abt 1911, Washington DC.

Spotlight: Calvin C.C.J. NORRIS, married a Greataunt... · 14 Aug 2008 You

Calvin was the son of a Union soldier, Maggie is listed on the 1880 fed census taken in DC, living with her family under HOH Henry LARMAN.

Spotlight: Calvin C.C.J. NORRIS, married a Greataunt... · 14 Aug 2008 You

This is one of the "HANDIBOE'S" realtives, at that time all were related with the spelling of that name. James HANDIBOE, the first HANDIBOE in the US was b. IRELAND, and came…

Spotlight: Edward HANDIBOE, a relative of William Roy... · 12 Aug 2008 You

We believe Dewitt was married twice. After his service in the Union forces-civil-war, he became a police officer in Washington DC, where he died early 1900's.

Spotlight: Dewitt H. TEEPLE b. MI, UNION soldier,... · 12 Aug 2008 You

George W. BALLENGER, married an Ella Grace JACK, among their children was a Susannah, Susanna or at death a Susie BALLENGER-LARMAN-FOSTER-dec'd No., VA abt 1938 or somewhat later.

Spotlight: George W. BALLENGER, was a GreatGrandfth... · 12 Aug 2008 You

Allen E. or allen Ellsworth LARMAN, died abt 1907 in the Federal mental institution, St., Elizabeth's hospital. He had be confined there for a few years, there is an article…

Spotlight: Allen Ellsworth LARMAN, one of my... · 12 Aug 2008 You

Mother' legitimate, real birth name was an Annibrita d'WAINIO, father a Frank d'WAINIO, b. FINLAND, who's wife died in NYC. '

Spotlight: Part of the HANDIBOE-LEWIS-ROOTS, tree I... · 01 Aug 2008 You