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< 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 > Dean THOMSON, at above email if you have info on Abner's parents. THANKS.

Spotlight: Abner STETLER'S death certificate, died at... · 02 Nov 2008 You

Albert STOKES, married a LEWIS in Washington DC or maybe NY. 1930 fed census taken in Washington DC. Albert is deceased, died in Baltimore, MD. WV, FYI, in 1860 was actually…

Spotlight: Albert STOKES and his family in 1930 DC... · 29 Oct 2008 You

I saw some information you posted on Ancestry that seems related to research that I am doing. Here’s what I found: Name: Albert Lionel Stokes Birth Date: 1913 Birth Place:…

Memorial Page: LLoyd Lionel Stokes, some timeline, some... · 29 Oct 2008 You

1930 fed census taken in Washington DC. Which includes John M. LEWIS & his family.

Spotlight: John M. (Meriweather) LEWIS b. Oct 1872 in... · 29 Oct 2008 You

John H. (HENRY) LEWIS, was buried in the EMMERSON, family plot at the cemetery, that was his wife's "maiden" name.

Spotlight: John H. LEWIS, & younger brother George... · 27 Oct 2008 You

Herman came into the US from German or PRUSSIA, at about age 13 and sold cookies, door to door to start off.

Spotlight: Herman ELFERS and family in 1930 New York... · 27 Oct 2008 You

This was one of my Grandfather's Herman ELFERS. He died 1960 in NY.

Spotlight: Herman ELFER'S death notice the New York... · 25 Oct 2008 You

WWI draft card, Washington DC of one of a Step-GreatGrandfather. He was Susanna, Susannah or Susie BALLENGER-LARMAN-FOSTER'S 2nd husband. He apparently died during WWI.

Spotlight: Quincy W. FOSTER, 2nd husband of Susanna... · 25 Oct 2008 You

1910 fed census taken in Washington DC.

Spotlight: Quincy W. FOSTER, born in Virginia, dec'd... · 25 Oct 2008 You

Sorry,.. about the messed up publish date. On front of book, Washington D. C. PEAKE & COMPANY, publishers 1895.

Spotlight: John H. LEWIS, & younger brother George... · 16 Oct 2008 You

Mary EMMERSON-LEWIS, died in Washington DC 1911. They moved to Washington DC, as a result of the brutal occupation of Virginia, by the US Governement, to the victims of the civil…

Spotlight: Mary Frances EMMERSON-LEWIS 1850 fed... · 13 Oct 2008 You Thank you for the site.

Memorial Page: Captain John NORRIS,(UNION) b. PA, POW... · 06 Oct 2008 You

This record from Aslo, regarding STETLER,

Spotlight: STETLER, John, military record, from... · 06 Oct 2008 You

Born August 20, 1918 of a Margaret Estella LARMAN-LEWIS-LAWLOR & a Joseph Irvin LEWIS (both born in Washington DC) in Washington DC, here is my father with his only son.

Spotlight: Howard Irving LEWIS at 90 and only son.... · 06 Oct 2008 You

Herny LARMAN, Sr. born in Maryland and had married a Margaret Ann KIRBY, also born in MD-dec'd in DC (1904). Henry's main job, was water mains inspector, Washington DC.

Spotlight: Henry LARMAN, former UNION solider died... · 30 Sep 2008 You

George W. BALLENGER, was married to a Ella Grace JACK, who's father was a James JACK.

Spotlight: BALLENGER'S in the Washington DC directory · 28 Sep 2008 You

This is the only John H. LEWIS, that MAY fit the description, as John H. (henry), became a builder, in Washington DC, after the civil war, as the CONFEDERATE'S in Portsmouth,…

Spotlight: John H. LEWIS, -this may be john Henry... · 28 Sep 2008 You

World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918 about Joseph Irvin Lewis Name: Joseph Irvin Lewis City: Washington County: Washington State: District of Columbia …

Memorial Page: Joseph Irvin LEWIS, born Washington DC,... · 28 Sep 2008 You

Joseph Irving LEWIS, MY Grandmother,Margaret's first husband.

Spotlight: Joseph Irving LEWIS, one of my... · 28 Sep 2008 You

Grandfather of William Roy HANDIBOE, Patrick HANDIBOE, Stephen HANDIBOE, also, from John Dewitt HANDIBOE's first marriage to an Irma WRIGHT, the son John M. HANDIBOE b. DC 1937,…

Spotlight: William N. HANDIBOE, WWI draft card.... · 22 Sep 2008 You