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Pensioner Given Name should be Mary Ann Fretter.

Image, found in Civil War "Widows' Pensions": Page 5 · 19 Feb 2012 You

this page contains a listing for Eugene Drysdale Orton. it gives his occupation, address of employment, and address of residence. there is one character of the business address…

Image, found in City Directories - St Louis: Orthwein, Wm D (p. 1579) · 30 Nov 2010 You

this version of the directory is the third option: GOULD'S ST. LOUIS CITY DIRECTORY

Image, found in City Directories - St Louis: [Gen. Info] (p. 5) · 30 Nov 2010 You

James Bogan

Image, found in Naturalization Index - NYC Courts: Page · 28 Oct 2010 You