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this is only the INTENTION to become citizen...check date of acceptance!

Spotlight: Robert Smith · 26 Jan 2012 You

1923 resident of Needham, MA, machineist...probably not "our" William A. Probert

Spotlight: William A. Probert- ours? · 26 Jan 2012 You

Maine: David Sturtevant, b. 1790, father to Rosanna who m. & div. Peter Fern, parents of Ella J. Fern m. Edwin Knowles - Maggie Knowles m. Preston Merrill.

Spotlight: Lola A. Cobb's maternal · 17 Jan 2012 You

my great - great & great-great-great grandmothers - Lola A. Merrill Cobb's =)

Spotlight: Ella J. Fern m. Preston Merrill · 16 Jan 2012 You

b. Eng., probably immigrated from Scot. w/ father Philip, mid-1800s. Married Mary Ellen West of E. Boston, MA. Earlier employed as hammerman in Pittsburg & Reading, PA.

Image, found in City Directories - San Francisco: Prince, Sidney (p. 1405) · 02 Jan 2012 You

research while Michelle was @ UCB revealed that steelworker pay in CA was more than double that in PA @ this time, thus his motivation to move

Spotlight: Gr.Grandfather Alexander W. Probert,... · 01 Jan 2012 You

James Hearsey of Sumner served 8 mons. at Hull in Boston Harbor in 1776 + 3 mon. in 1777. - Job Beal

Image, found in Revolutionary War Pensions: Page 23 · 01 Jan 2012 You

4th gr.grndfather James Hearsey m. Alethea Poole & resided in Sumner Maine (12 children)

Image, found in Revolutionary War Pensions: Page 7 · 27 Aug 2011 You

pension filed

Spotlight: Gustavus Hiscock · 12 Aug 2011 You

Anna Jackson b. Jay, ME, dau. Nathaniel Jackson and Rowena Niles Jackson Thomas Hiscock, son of Samuel & Betsey Teague Hiscock, Wilton, ME

Spotlight: Thomas Hiscock & wife Anna (Jackson) Hiscock · 27 Jun 2011 You

Mar. 2, 1919, San Francisco Chronicle

Spotlight: 1919 Probert, San Francisco · 29 Jan 2011 You

Civ.War discharge Edmund L. Kenoyer B. Schuyler Cty., MS

Image, found in Homestead Records (NE): Page 16 · 12 Jan 2011 You

Edmund L.Kenoyer NB sod home 1872

Image, found in Homestead Records (NE): Page 9 · 12 Jan 2011 You

1882 Alexander in Boston

Spotlight: Alexander Probert, hammerman, Boston · 06 Jan 2011 You

related to John & Annie Lyons West???

Spotlight: West deathd 1851-55 Boston · 04 Jan 2011 You

blended family: Idella Storey, bro.& sister Herbert & Grace, a Coates cousin?,aunt Mary E. (Tripp)Morse

Spotlight: Idella Storey · 19 Aug 2010 You

Great Grandmother Georgeanna Storey Tripp, buried Gray, Maine

Image, found in Census - US Federal 1860: Page 1 · 11 Mar 2010 You