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LST 808 second ship down.

Image, found in Time_Traveler's uploads: LST 808 · 11 Aug 2008 You

Now I know where the name came from for the burger that used to be sold in Caldwell, ID!

Image, found in FBI Case Files: Page 4 · 04 Aug 2008 You

This may of found its way into the FBI file but at this time I have no reason to believe it is anything but another person by the name of Harry Orchard. I have seen the letterhead…

Image, found in FBI Case Files: Page 3 · 03 Aug 2008 You

This is a work in progress. The letter here was in the same FBI file with letters from a person alleging to know Harry Orchard, the murderer of Governor "Steudenburger." I am…

Image, found in FBI Case Files: Page 1 · 02 Aug 2008 You

Mabel Stark was a famous lion trainer at the long ago closed Jungleland in Thousand Oaks, CA where I grew up. I remember seeing Mabel and her lions when visiting Jungleand during…

Image, found in News - Halifax Gazette (Halifax Co VA): Page 5A · 02 Aug 2008 You