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This is a great spotlight.

Spotlight: Sweden · 19 Aug 2010 You

This map is great!

Spotlight: The Dissolution of Austria-Hungary · 10 Jun 2010 You

This is a great map.

Image, found in London Times: Page 16 · 10 Jun 2010 You

This is Jean Reville.

Spotlight: Jean Reville · 10 Jun 2010 You

Jean Reville

Image, found in Ardelia Hall Collection: Offenbach Photographs: Page 52 · 10 Jun 2010 You

He has such a classic look. Timeless.

Image, found in Ryan_Olds's uploads: Paul Newman · 16 Apr 2010 You

The story board looks very much like the movie's outline.

Image, found in Ryan_Olds's uploads: Eric Larson · 12 Apr 2010 You