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Pvt. Peter Clay Meadows, Company G "Slappey Guards" of Twiggs County, 48th Georgia Infantry, C.S.A.

Memorial Page: Peter C Meadows · 13 Oct 2013 You

Corporal, Company G, 48th Virginia Infantry, C.S.A.

Memorial Page: Jas H M Stuart · 13 Oct 2013 You

Corp Wesley W Skipper Company C "Brunswick Double Quicks" of Brunswick County, C.S.A.

Memorial Page: Wesly Skipper · 09 Oct 2013 You

Pvt. D. B. Rogers, Company E "Marion Volunteers" of Marion District, 1st (McCreary's) South Carolina Infantry,…

Memorial Page: D Rogers · 08 Oct 2013 You

This is a well known photo of Adolf Schiekelgruber.

Spotlight: Corporal Adolf Hitler - WWI · 28 Nov 2007 You

Poor scans---originals in NARA are much better.

Image, found in Civil War Soldiers - Confederate - AL: Page 4 · 27 Oct 2007 You