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2LT Charles Fred Gower, 384th Bombardment Group, 546th bombardment Squadron is awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for heroism on 24 April 1944. Wounded himself and with…

Spotlight: Charles Fred Gowder · 05 Jul 2015 You

George A. Bossinger was the Engineer/TT Gunner on this sortie. He was not KIA. He was able to evade and return to Allied control, E&E Report #174. The aircraft was 42-30048,…

Spotlight: George A. Bossinger · 22 Jun 2015 You

The caption on the reverse is in error. 42-31346 did not fly a mission on 6 March 1944. The first mission she flew to Berlin was on 9 March 1944. Source:

Image, found in WWII US Air Force Photos: Page 1 · 02 Jan 2015 You

Commander of Allied Ground Forces in the ETO.

Spotlight: General Sir Bernard Montgomery · 28 May 2014 You

It looks as though her tail is completely gone.

Spotlight: Lost Fortress · 05 May 2014 You

A view from the ball turret.

Image, found in WWII US Air Force Photos: Page 1 · 04 May 2014 You

Major General Elwood R. Quesada

Image, found in WWII US Air Force Photos: Page 59 · 01 May 2014 You

There was no Queen Elizabeth during WWII. The woman in the picture is likely the wife of King George the VI. Being married to the king does not make her a queen.

Spotlight: Queen Elizabeth · 25 Apr 2014 You

The caption says "OLD GLORY". The picture of the aircraft shows OLD CROW.

Spotlight: "OLD GLORY" · 24 Apr 2014 You

I think The Enola Gay took off during the hours of darkness to be able to drop the bomb at 08:15 Hiroshima time. This does not appear to be a photo taken in the dark.

Spotlight: Enola Gay? · 20 Apr 2014 You

This is not Harry Hopkins. It is Averill Harriman, United States Ambassador to Russia.

Spotlight: Individual · 16 Apr 2014 You

The caption reads that the crew of the B-24 participated in a shuttle bombing mission. No B-24s bombed targets as a part of Operation Frantic.

Image, found in WWII US Air Force Photos: Page 1 · 16 Apr 2014 You