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She was born Vera Staritzka in Siberia on 10th December 1912 and was probably of Jewish extraction and almost certainly illegitimate. She appears to have been adopted as an infant…

Image, found in WWII War Diaries: Page 892 · 31 May 2015 by charlese87328

Capt Waldo Bowers' crew (458th BG 753rd BS)

Image, found in WWII US Air Force Photos: Page 9 · 31 May 2015 by patootie63

"A Dog's Life" (B24JAZ-155-CO 44-40281, 458th BG 753rd BS) crashed on 13 feb 1945 during a practice mission (9 KIS, Lt Lawrence L Shannon's crew) source : website

Image, found in WWII US Air Force Photos: Page 1 · 31 May 2015 by patootie63

458th BG 755th BS

Image, found in WWII US Air Force Photos: Page 1 · 31 May 2015 by patootie63

This is 1Lt Charles E Mitchell's crew (458th BG 755th BS) missions accomplished betweens 24 aug 1944 and 10 april 1945 source : website

Image, found in WWII US Air Force Photos: Page 3 · 31 May 2015 by patootie63

Soldier's name is ALVAN, not Alvah Brock

Image, found in Civil War Service Index - Union - Maine: Page 1 · 30 May 2015 by lammikins829

This is ACTUALLY my father's image from military school and he is Guy, Jr. Sharon Zingery

Image, found in szingery's uploads: Zingery Guy Sr.jpg · 30 May 2015 by szingery

I too have been having problems with accessing Pennsylvania Archives records, although my searches for various names show a number PA Archive records (many previously accessed). …

Memorial Page: The Pennsylvania Archives · 30 May 2015 by shireytosa829

Richard died from measles in a camp about 10 miles from Corinth per a fellow soldiers letter Cyrus McElroy refer to

Image, found in Civil War Maps: Page 1 · 29 May 2015 by karondial064

Township 18, Choctaw, Mississippi, Dido PO is the location where Richard L Niblett lived with his Mother and some of his siblings including Granddad Telghman Newton. James Marion…

Image, found in Census - US Federal 1860: Page 71 · 29 May 2015 by karondial064

He had his office in Lennons Hotel in George Street while he was in Brisbane.

Spotlight: L. Ron Hubbard · 29 May 2015 by peter006

Parmenas Taylor's Revolutionary War service in NC and East TN, plus brother of Leroy and Richard Taylor, R.T. moves to Kentucky, Richard father of Pres. Zachary Taylor

Image, found in Revolutionary War Pensions: Page 22 · 29 May 2015 by deborahb

As far as I can determine Tom was with Co.F during the assault of La Roumiere. That would place him at the northeast flank of the hill and its steepest part.

Image, found in jtraks225's uploads: TGV was in F-290.JPG · 29 May 2015 by jtraks225

The 2015 Scientology ads describe him as skippering a corvette.

Spotlight: L. Ron Hubbard · 29 May 2015 by civilwarjustice474

follow up on this John Crawford...? father to John Jackson Crawford?

Image, found in Heitman's Register and Dictionary of the US Army: Page 95 · 28 May 2015 by patrck1958

Full name of deceased: James Hufton Father's name: Dewitt Clinton "Dee" Crowley

Image, found in Texas Death Certificates: Crowley, J H · 28 May 2015 by BrendaA58

KOGA, Maulin Rikio should read KOGA, Marvin Rikio

Image, found in Army Registers, 1798-1969: Page 315 · 27 May 2015 by mamaulin

Thomas Charles Land Residence Wilkes County NC; 33 years old. Enlisted on 5/31/1861 at Wake County, NC as a Corporal. On 5/31/1861 he mustered into "B" Co. NC 1st Infantry He…

Image, found in landglenn's uploads: Thomas Charles Land.jpg · 27 May 2015 by landglenn

Brushing Against, Little Squint Eyes, San Carlos Apaches

Spotlight: Amazing picture of Native American women · 27 May 2015 by MCPorter

MACR #2555 FOR B-24 #41-29117

Image, found in destro_anthony's uploads: LT Samuel Ellicott_B-24 Pilot_MACR_Page 2.jpg · 26 May 2015 by destro_anthony