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Update: The Vincent J Rogers Jr Exhibit has been completed, check the March Field Air Museum web site for details. With the assistance of the Chief Rick Stone Foundation March…

Image, found in WWII US Air Force Photos: Page 1 · 08 Jun 2015 by jeffgsh

I am looking for the List of 10,000 Revolutionary Soldiers 1775-1783. I can't find it. Please advise me on what to do. Thanks, Tracy

Memorial Page: The Pennsylvania Archives · 07 Jun 2015 by getabme

William Henry McCall and his first wife Eva Gillette Beadle Stacy

Image, found in arkgal38305140's uploads: William Henry McCall and Eva Gillette... · 07 Jun 2015 by arkgal38305140

Everything you want to know about the B-24: Also air intake either side of the prop give the B-24 engine that unique oval look from the front.

Spotlight: 307th Bomb Group Personnel Group · 07 Jun 2015 by atsullivan0

I am related through his Mother.

Spotlight: Henry Moore Harrington · 06 Jun 2015 by bbirge

Dodd's middle name was Bigelow -- his middle initial should be B instead of P

Image, found in Civil War Pensions Index: Dodd, William P. · 05 Jun 2015 by marybakeman857

Frank Y Commager

Image, found in Letters Received by the Adjutant General, 1861-1870: Page 2 · 05 Jun 2015 by gjsteger

Joseph H Benson

Image, found in Civil War Soldiers - Union - DE: Page 3 · 05 Jun 2015 by gosheldon

Gives physical description of Robert R Miller.

Image, found in Civil War Soldiers - Union - AR: Page 14 · 04 Jun 2015 by genhopes1299

This is the back of the document you see in the previous image. The Record and Pension Office staff was very good about re-using scrap paper! Everything in these files is…

Image, found in Civil War "Widows' Pensions": Page 47 · 04 Jun 2015 by microfilm

Enlisted as Private. Promoted to Corporal 25 Feb 1864.

Image, found in Civil War Soldiers - Union - AR: Page 5 · 04 Jun 2015 by genhopes1299

This may be my grandfather, John McMillan Delaney, dob 1870, GA. John Delaney Bryan Texas

Image, found in Texas Death Certificates: DeLaney, John M · 04 Jun 2015 by jdel1967

Moebius is correct spelling (as on gravestone in Iowa)

Memorial Page: August Moebies · 04 Jun 2015 by victorianrosie

@Texas Birth Index, 1903-1997 has the year of Roy's birth as 1917. Roy's brother, John Phillip Hartman, my father, also verified this before his death in 1911.

Image, found in Texas Death Certificates: Hartmann, Roy Nelson · 03 Jun 2015 by BrendaA58

Paul Dorsey 1st time of enlistment

Memorial Page: Paul Dorsey · 03 Jun 2015 by VickyinLaclede

Samuel G Napolanec is Samuel George Napowanetz of New Jersey

Image, found in Pearl Harbor Muster Rolls: Page [Blank] · 03 Jun 2015 by valarieanne732

This is Fawkes' crew : 2Lt Bohn E Fawkes Jr (pilot) 2Lt Charles A Mauldin (co-pilot) born on sept 2nd, 1919 - passed away on feb 17th, 2007 2Lt Elmer S Bendiner (navigator) 2Lt…

Image, found in WWII US Air Force Photos: Page 1 · 03 Jun 2015 by patootie63

I found you without anyone's help. I knew I would find you. My Grandfather, my Grandmother the very foundation that you set forth in this great nation the United States is…

Image, found in Revolutionary War Pensions: Page 1 · 03 Jun 2015 by DeberaLynnHoward

This service record concerns a soldier in Capt. W. L. Trenholm's Co, (Rutledge Mounted Riflemen) but is classified by Fold3 as Captain Kirk's Rangers.

Image, found in Civil War Soldiers - Confederate - SC: Page 2 · 03 Jun 2015 by jim688

My Grand Uncle, Major Nathaniel Lindsay

Image, found in Missing Air Crew Reports, WWII: Page 1 · 02 Jun 2015 by patricklogan055