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Lieutenant Colonel John Stanley Brooks, C.S.A.

Memorial Page: Jno S Brooks · 05 Jul 2014 by BIGFRENCH

This soldier did not serve in the 8th IN infantry. See the rest of the pages in this file. They list his service as 8th IN cavalry.

Image, found in Civil War "Widows' Pensions": Page 1 · 05 Jul 2014 by jkt60858

Standing second from right, Joe V. McDonough, radio operator/gunner. Completed 35 missions on "Old Battle Axe" - passed away Nov 11, 2013.

Image, found in WWII US Air Force Photos: Page 1 · 04 Jul 2014 by timkans1082

see 5055 5th ave for Patrick Collins

Image, found in City Directories - Chicago: Collins, Patrick (p. 510) · 02 Jul 2014 by ciarrai83

Artilio is my grandfather. His name was Attilio Ivaldi

Image, found in Census - US Federal 1930: Sheet 27A · 01 Jul 2014 by jmdgenealogy

KIA on 7 jan 1944

Image, found in WWII US Air Force Photos: Page 4 · 01 Jul 2014 by patootie63

most of this file is for Cleveland, not Carrigan

Image, found in Civil War Soldiers - Confederate - VA: Page 1 · 30 Jun 2014 by marytmorris545

3-5 of these are too blurry to read-goes over into Mr. Carroll-6/25/14

Image, found in Civil War Soldiers - Confederate - VA: Page 6 · 30 Jun 2014 by marytmorris545

I have this man's purple heart! please contact me! Rick Spencer -

Memorial Page: Cecil C Wagner · 30 Jun 2014 by jawilson136

name J.S. Clayton dob 5/31/1832 Alabama. Father Collier Clayton. Mother Eliza Riche. Dod 1/20/1919 Cleborne, Johnson, TX

Image, found in Texas Death Certificates: [Illegible], [Illegible] · 30 Jun 2014 by JuliePhillips

I have a letter that I believe this soldier wrote to his minister after the war. It would be interesting to see if I can verify this, and also to learn more about him. I can be…

Image, found in Civil War Service Index - Union - Massachusetts: Page 1 · 29 Jun 2014 by mail214

Given name is "Alonzo". He was from Tyler, Smith County, Texas

Image, found in Confederate Soldiers - TX: Page 1 · 29 Jun 2014 by texmexfla

Benjamin Thomas Sellers (1827-1877), overseer of the Middleton Plantations.

Image, found in Southern Claims Commission Approved Claims, 1871-1880: Page 15 · 28 Jun 2014 by esellers439

Pvt John Henry Bridwell, 9th Virginia Cavalry, C.S.A.

Memorial Page: John H Bridwell · 28 Jun 2014 by BIGFRENCH

Application made by his wife Emma Councilman Hutton.

Image, found in Civil War and Later Veterans Pension Index: Hutton, Thomas J. · 28 Jun 2014 by huttonds830

John Randolph Reeves ["J.R."] was born 6 Jan 1906 to Romulus William Reeves and Bettie Ann Henreskie [spelled various ways within the family] Reeves. The affidavit was provided…

Image, found in Texas Birth Certificates: Page 2 · 28 Jun 2014 by ntxvikki

Raymond Litzo was a B-17 tail gunner with the 91st BG 401st Squadron. He was with the Ken Brown crew. They were shot down on June 22, 1943 on a mission to Hulls, Germany. Their…

Spotlight: Raymond Litzo · 28 Jun 2014 by njkelly975

This must be Cyrus' stepmother, Cynthia Gaines who married Rufus Smith in 1856. Rufus died in 1859.

Memorial Page: Cynthia Smith · 28 Jun 2014 by brear47739

Phily Pssngr List - July 1882 David Dubaver 45 Labor Poland

Image, found in MarcusCohen's uploads: David Dubiver, father of Seril Dubiver Cohen · 28 Jun 2014 by MarcusCohen

Walter Shaver was wounded (his elbow was hit and bullet traveled into his body) and he lay on the battlefield for 1 1/2 days before being found. He died in 1927.

Image, found in Civil War and Later Veterans Pension Index: Shaver, Walter · 28 Jun 2014 by cbushart1940487