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Alicante Airfield (Saravia) Negros Island, Philippines

Image, found in 307th Bomb Group Records: Page 109 · 16 Jan 2015 by tony_feredo932

Nichols Airfield

Image, found in 307th Bomb Group Records: Page 123 · 16 Jan 2015 by tony_feredo932

Corregidor Island showing Middle and Topside areas

Image, found in 307th Bomb Group Records: Page 125 · 16 Jan 2015 by tony_feredo932

Refers to Aztec, NM case, basis for Frank Scully book, Behind the Flying Saucers.

Image, found in Project Blue Book - UFO Investigations: Page 30 · 15 Jan 2015 by sentry579466

Paul B Wilson was my Grandfather. On June 30, 1985 He was Killed in autombile accident. He was 65. Trajic that he should survive the war only to be Killed 40 years latter by a…

Memorial Page: Paul B Wilson · 14 Jan 2015 by cwdyer143

Elizabeth J. Reynolds is the oldest child of John Sadler Driskill and older sister of William Augustus Driskill, Harriett's father

Image, found in Census - US Federal 1860: Page 31 · 14 Jan 2015 by driskilldanny422

Thomas and Olive Luther Kelley were my 3rd gr grandparents. They came to NE from WI Names associated with this family are: Luther, Hathaway, Harrington, Crumrine, Watkins,…

Image, found in Homestead Records (NE): Page 1 · 13 Jan 2015 by shirbyrae

I believe this is my uncle Jerry Homer Jerome Coker. USS RANGER 1959.

Spotlight: Jerry in Navy 1959 · 13 Jan 2015 by Tnmickey33821

J. F. Zoesch Farm sale butternut

Image, found in News - The Chicago Tribune: Page 23 · 13 Jan 2015 by rmscott52700

This man was a Seaman, it is filed under US Army. People would never find him searching for him. I searched for his wife Mary M Burt and it came up.

Image, found in War of 1812 Pension Files: Page 18 · 13 Jan 2015 by franbird

Crew positions identified and verified from 303BG Mission Report of 3-Jan-1943.

Image, found in Missing Air Crew Reports, WWII: Page 2 · 13 Jan 2015 by lccunningham2786

Definitely Richards Sister Lucy Masomsin. Definitely her children. Jane Fannie Ann William Lucenda Louisa

Spotlight: Richard West Co Cabin Ireland · 13 Jan 2015 by cnowotny846

This C-47 wears French cocades... The clue is the flash on the rudder, not on the fin. The narrox "invasion stripes" are the mark of the French Armée de l'air.

Image, found in WWII US Air Force Photos: Page 1 · 12 Jan 2015 by Eagleston3

Go see the movie "Unbroken". It is about a B-24 early in the Pacific campaign.

Spotlight: 307th Bomb Group Personnel Group · 12 Jan 2015 by steve_cole

Birth Place is Cork County, Ireland

Image, found in Revolutionary War Pensions: Page 1 · 12 Jan 2015 by marbledb227

b. 1787....not 1797

Memorial Page: Samuel Eley · 12 Jan 2015 by CATinNGAmtns

The Pennsylvania Lead Mine is also known as Fort Roberdeau

Image, found in Continental Congress - Papers: Page 83 · 12 Jan 2015 by CatSchirf

Harry served US Navy from 1942 to 1945. He served in the Asian Tour on two ships. USS Swivel and USS Wyoming. USS Swivel is this photo just off of Normandy.

Memorial Page: Harry G McNutt · 11 Jan 2015 by santos_colleen024

Aircrew B-29 #42-24843 “The Sassy Lassy”: Standing (left to right): BMDR - Richard E. Hansen NAV - Benjamin Townshend ACP - Otis F. Lowry - KIA CP - Francis Laurance Sult FLT…

Image, found in SePennartz's uploads: Lowry B-29 aircrew.jpg.png · 11 Jan 2015 by SePennartz

Full name is James David Walker

Memorial Page: David Walker · 11 Jan 2015 by PenPusher