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his name was Samuel Patton Clark Robinson

Image, found in Civil War Soldiers - Confederate - TN: Page 1 · 04 Mar 2014 by whiskers1949606

Almost half a century ago, but his name still stands out in my mind. I was the last person to see Paul Abbott alive. His memory often haunts me. He seemed to be a great guy with a…

Image, found in Vietnam Veterans Memorial: Vietnam Wall · 04 Mar 2014 by jerrybyess347

Capt. James Stinnett was 65 years old and served in Lt-Col. Andrew Wilson's 16 (aka 21) Tenn Cavalry. During the Battle of Fort Pillow, Capt Stinnett volunteered to lead a…

Image, found in Civil War Soldiers - Confederate - TN: Page 2 · 04 Mar 2014 by steve_cole

This is my Great grandfather. Tammy Sandifer, Frankfort, KY 40601

Image, found in Texas Death Certificates: Casto, Samuel Delmar · 04 Mar 2014 by rds4715303

He was assumed dead by Germans after the battle of Villers-en-Haye Sector, France. Later found and treated in hospital in France. Listed as MIA. When identified & stabilized he…

Spotlight: MIA , France, from Washington Post, Oct 1918 · 04 Mar 2014 by chiggerfarmer918


Image, found in Naturalization Index - NY Eastern Jul 1865-Sep 1906: Page · 04 Mar 2014 by nshee890

Elias Berry of Union Co., GA was of age to be Hannah Crumley-Berry's son...not her husband.

Image, found in Revolutionary War Pensions: Page 7 · 04 Mar 2014 by CATinNGAmtns

identification source : Mark Veldhuizen

Image, found in WWII US Air Force Photos: Page 1 · 04 Mar 2014 by patootie63

Baylon is on the far left in this photograph taken during basic training at Buckley Field, Colorado (Aug-Sept 1944).

Image, found in TLoosbrock405's uploads: 7 - Baylon at Buckley844 (2).jpg · 04 Mar 2014 by TLoosbrock405

2nd great uncle Pryor L. Evans, Killed at Shiloh, TN 06 Apr 1862.

Image, found in Civil War and Later Veterans Pension Index: Evans, Pryor L. · 03 Mar 2014 by kevans_home486

Of Indian Springs, Kentucky.

Image, found in War of 1812 Pension Files: Page 1 · 03 Mar 2014 by DLPhistory

Dawes Packe MCR 1602 is missing because it is pages 19 - 31 in MCR 1601.

Image, found in Dawes Packets: Page 19 · 03 Mar 2014 by angdall

Witness 1 is "Charles Serrault", son of Jean Baptiste Serrault.

Image, found in Naturalization Index - NYC Courts: Page · 03 Mar 2014 by KEMS_P_P

1830 MISSING IMAGE for STREETS T-W Gen.Info viii & x DO EXIST …. sequence is AFTER alfa PEOPLE-names ….

Image, found in City Directories - Philadelphia: [Gen. Info] (p. x) · 02 Mar 2014 by ted08403

pls. NOTE : 1830 cDir widows were listed @ End-of Family{ISTS .. _ …. see AFTER William HART ++ pg.82 DeSilver's ….

Spotlight: HART 1830_cDir listing pg.82 · 02 Mar 2014 by ted08403

unfortunately, this document is out of focus and hard to read. Even though I have tried the brightness and contrast controls, it does not sharpen the image. As a new member, I am…

Image, found in Revolutionary War Pensions: Page 10 · 02 Mar 2014 by kkmac1954

Suspect this surname may be Querry

Image, found in Spanish-American War Service Record Index: Page 1 · 02 Mar 2014 by pgrisham

I suspect this surname might be Grissom.

Image, found in War of 1812 Service Record Index: Page 1 · 02 Mar 2014 by pgrisham

The writer, 2nd Lieut. Thomas McGrath, was my great-great-grandfather. He died by accidental drowning in the Potomac River near Port Tobacco on 2 April 1861, about two weeks…

Image, found in Letters Received by the Adjutant General, 1861-1870: Page 2 · 01 Mar 2014 by pat_mcgrath834

This FamilyTreeDNA , Swab , Test Kit Package was received of me circa. 27-8-01-2014 and I send it back as a small letter abt. 31 January 2014 to Houston In Texas in United States…

Image, found in wrkmysla's uploads: P1010001.JPG · 01 Mar 2014 by wrkmysla