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Capt Robert T. Darden and crew flew B-29 42-6369 (obviously not the B-17 in the picture) from Salinas, KS to India. However, they never made it to join up with their unit…

Image, found in WWII US Air Force Photos: Page 1873 · 01 Jan 2015 by l_alex_parker191

Crew positions annotated per the 303rd Bomb Group Mission Report of 23-Jan-43.

Image, found in Missing Air Crew Reports, WWII: Page 2 · 01 Jan 2015 by lccunningham2786

transcribed incorrectly, the first name is either Ella or Elsie

Memorial Page: Clara C Lebkichler · 01 Jan 2015 by kirkandjan

That's it, thanks

Spotlight: Japanese Zero fighter? · 01 Jan 2015 by charlese87328

I have looked every where for my great-great- great- grandpa! Ifound him finally!!

Memorial Page: Peter Cameron · 01 Jan 2015 by JRMentzer

I believe that Conrad Troell was born in Wichmannshausen Germany although I am not certain what date. I believe he was the younger brother of Heinrich George (Henry) Troell. The…

Image, found in rtroell009's uploads: Conrad Troell · 01 Jan 2015 by rtroell009

It is a Nakajima Ki-43 Oscar.

Spotlight: Japanese Zero fighter? · 31 Dec 2014 by mokyme

This record appears to be two different sources squished together on alternating pages. I don't quite understand it.

Image, found in City Directories - New York: Gimbrede, Joseph N (p. 158) · 30 Dec 2014 by Brentp256

his ship The Duchess was 43-4068 a B-25J-1-NC

Image, found in garylewis1954's uploads: Cadet AUS Lt Frank Lonsdorf, Jr. B-25... · 30 Dec 2014 by garylewis1954

This is Needham Hays - he deserted and joined the 1st FL US Cav. at Ft. Barrancas

Image, found in Civil War Soldiers - Confederate - FL: Page 2 · 30 Dec 2014 by rootsnall343

Page 508, Ludwig Minsker/Mansker

Image, found in Pennsylvania Archives: Page 508 · 30 Dec 2014 by jnrbnkng

Isom B. McLendon (13 Dec 1825 - 6 Aug 1864), son of William Buck McLendon

Image, found in Civil War Soldiers - Confederate - MS: Page 1 · 30 Dec 2014 by WingandaPrayer

Isom Daniel Herrington (Dec 1828 - 18 Aug 1908)

Image, found in Civil War Soldiers - Confederate - MS: Page 1 · 30 Dec 2014 by WingandaPrayer

Line 21 listed as [illegible] Center is W. R. Center (Willard R. Center). Your image is very poor compared to the excellent image on which very clearly shows W. R.…

Image, found in Census - US Federal 1860: Page 4 · 29 Dec 2014 by lacenter

Benjamin Franklin Chubb and Seneca Taylor were partners in a law office in Niles, Berrian Co., Michigan. For more on B. F. Chubb, please see:…

Image, found in Civil War "Widows' Pensions": Page 48 · 29 Dec 2014 by cathrynh

Weston is his correct name, and he was s/o Eben and Hannah. He died 1835 in Ohio. Contact me if you have more info on this man, his family and/or his ancestry. Thanks! Michelle

Image, found in Army Register of Enlistments, 1798-1914: Page 163 · 29 Dec 2014 by MichelleAB

I'm by no means an expert, but the photo here does not appear to be a B-24, as depicted in other photos of this series..... Just curious about this because I was not aware that…

Spotlight: 307th Bomb Group Personnel Group · 29 Dec 2014 by jwpw_1

African American Revolutionary War Pension Application

Image, found in Revolutionary War Pensions: Page 1 · 28 Dec 2014 by compmary

R G Lang is Robert G Lang

Image, found in Census - US Federal 1860: Page 154 · 27 Dec 2014 by sltewt69270

Life has a beautiful image of her at

Image, found in WWII US Air Force Photos: Page 115 · 27 Dec 2014 by charlese87328