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This page and the following page, both a prefatory page, one from the 1871 city directory and from from the 1872 city directory, destroy my confidence that these digital images…

Image, found in City Directories - San Francisco: [Gen. Info] (p. 3) · 06 Apr 2014 by StephenKentEhat

Those aren't supplies, they are men of the 503d Parachure Regimental Combat Team landing on the Landing Zone B on 16 February, 1945. The lack of parachute canopies on Landing…

Spotlight: C-47 drops supplies · 05 Apr 2014 by XO503

i injoy researches cause ifind here on fold 3 things you dont find on any other place its vert derict to what you looking for thanks fold 3

Spotlight: Queen Elizabeth meets with US Airmen of... · 05 Apr 2014 by sparkle_eyes251021

last child born in Germany

Memorial Page: Gottleib F Yungk · 05 Apr 2014 by carolduff728

This is John Quincy Clardia, son of Elliot. John's brother Harvey Lauren is next door.

Image, found in Census - US Federal 1860: Page 697 · 05 Apr 2014 by nitafreer365

Leonora Rendon Longoria is my 2nd great grandmother. Her first husband (my 2nd great grandfather) was Oscar Grave Heavin Sr. Her second husband was Clifford Walton "Walter" Hess.

Image, found in Texas Death Certificates: Hess, Leonor H · 04 Apr 2014 by mcm_tx532

Source information / State: Louisiana; document lists 'Lowndes Co., Ga.'

Image, found in Confederate Citizens File: Page 3 · 04 Apr 2014 by fglick440

The James Pierpont who appears here (#36) with his Georgia family (##37-39) and older brother (#40) is the author of "Jinglebells" and many other songs. For further genealogical…

Image, found in Census - US Federal 1860: Page 160 · 04 Apr 2014 by kraft077

Land Warrant no. 26.365 for 160 acres

Image, found in War of 1812 Pension Files: Page 61 · 03 Apr 2014 by aglenn7

These records for Jeremiah P Smith showing he was a member of the 29th Tennessee Infantry needs to be included in the Jeremiah P Smith files also. He was actually a member of the…

Image, found in Civil War Soldiers - Confederate - TN: Page 4 · 03 Apr 2014 by clpierce12

Marriage record of Salmon or Zalmon Taylor to Hannah Benedict, both of Danbury, CT

Image, found in Revolutionary War Pensions: Page 36 · 03 Apr 2014 by compmary

Emmett is my older brother

Image, found in robytexas's uploads: Emmette_Terrell_Johnson(2).jpg · 03 Apr 2014 by robytexas

His gravestone has the name as Bovia.

Image, found in Civil War and Later Veterans Pension Index: Bovey, Francis · 03 Apr 2014 by linrd526

LTC Bruce Menger, Field & Staff, 5th Louisiana Infantry, 1st Louisiana Brigade, Early's Division, 2nd Corps, Army of Northern Virginia,…

Image, found in Civil War Soldiers - Confederate - LA: Page 1 · 02 Apr 2014 by BIGFRENCH

This record of J. W. Racer belongs to a soldier who died of pneumonia on 3 Jul 1861. Racer was a different person from James Madison Racey, under whose name this record appears.

Image, found in Civil War Soldiers - Confederate - VA: Page 9 · 02 Apr 2014 by kayholmes548

David C. Adkins - 30th Infantry Regiment of the 3rd Division landed at Licata, Sicily on July 10, 1943, travelled to Palermo and on towards Messina when on August 6, 1943 was…

Image, found in jemdt106's uploads: Sicily.jpg · 02 Apr 2014 by jemdt106

His middle name is Elvis

Image, found in Texas Birth Certificates: Page 1 · 02 Apr 2014 by ldch56048

This is Robert "Robin" Byrge

Image, found in Civil War Soldiers - Union - TN: Page 1 · 02 Apr 2014 by mlbprd03569

Even tho is says W. C., this is Florence Wilson Warnack, widow of George Washington Warnack (Warnock).

Image, found in Census - US Federal 1930: Sheet 7a · 01 Apr 2014 by wharvey14741

David C. Adkins - 30th Infantry Regiment of 3rd Division landed on November 8, 1942 at Fedala, Morocco and was wounded

Image, found in jemdt106's uploads: North Africa.jpg · 01 Apr 2014 by jemdt106